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Foundations and Corporate Relations

Foundations and Corporate Relations aims to generate funding by cultivating relationships with foundations and corporations that advance key Heritage College initiatives. As the state’s only osteopathic medical school, developing partnerships with local and national foundations and corporations is essential to advance our strategic vision, fulfill our commitment to community engagement and outreach and address key health and medical issues by creating innovative programming.

We work closely with Heritage College leadership, faculty and staff to develop projects for funding and ensure proposals are optimally positioned for success. 

 Key activities to support the Heritage College include:

  • Preparing grant proposals and letters of intent, including background research, writing, editing and submission
  • Creating new relationships and stewarding existing partnerships with foundations
  • Meeting with leadership and faculty members to discuss funding prospects and developing solicitation plans
  • Helping to articulate project ideas to improve funding potential
  • Contacting foundations to determine interest in proposed projects and/or programs
  • Disseminating request for proposals to specific faculty and departments
  • Researching prospects to identify potential foundation funders
  • Navigating university and funder policies and procedures

For additional information, please contact Lisa Kaufman at kaufmana@ohio.edu