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Roles and Responsibilities

This page is aimed at providing information, answers and assistance to Heritage College faculty, staff and students regarding the college website. The college's External Relations team provides strategic guidance and support for web management, while each department is in charge of updating content in its areas of expertise.

These Three Systems Support Website

  • Drupal, an open-source web platform, is the content management system (CMS)
  • SharePoint, a Microsoft cloud application, stores documents linked to the site
  • A university-wide online calendar system manages events, some of which display on the college website


How to get your staff directory information updated

The college's Human Resources team handles updates on the college-wide staff directory. If you are listed there and need your information updated, contact Human Resources.

For updates to directories in the research institutes, contact:

Diabetes Institute -- Jody Van Bibber, 

Infectious and Tropical Disease Institute -- Lori Lammert

Ohio Musculoskeletal and Neurological Institute -- Tiffani Hart

Reporting errors on a web page (broken link, misspelled text, outdated linked document, etc.)

Determine who manages the page from the list below and alert them to the error.

View Website Manager Directory

Reporting problems in a top menu or lefthand navigation menu

Email the Heritage College Communications Office at, being sure to include the following:

  • Menu location (top of page or lefthand side)
  • URL of the page where the menu is displayed
Requesting significant website modifications (adding/reorganizing sections, navigation menus, etc.)

Major changes to the website, as well as training and support for content managers, is coordinated through the Heritage College Communications Office. The office works from a prioritized list of college website projects and tackles new ones as as resources permit.

To request a significant website modification, you can submit a technology request (select category External Relations, subcategory Website).


Gaining access and training for web management system

For the quickest response, submit a technology request (select category External Relations, subcategory Website).

All Drupal training is offered online and is self-paced. Departmental content managers will need to familiarize trainees with the workflow in their area. you will receive training information after you have been granted Drupal access.


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Proportion of visitors
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How Web-Linked Documents Work

Faculty Learning icon 13


In OneDrive, web content manager uploads document to subfolder in HCOM-Website group

Faculty Learning icon 8


In web management system, content manager links
OneDrive document to page

Faculty Learning icon 14


On college website, visitor clicks link, opening document in OneDrive
(no login required) 

Heritage College SharePoint groups and how they're used

Documents linked to the Heritage College website are stored in SharePoint, Ohio University's cloud storage platform. College and university departments also use this Microsoft application to share and collaborate on documents. Here are the main folder groups:



Documents linked to the college website are managed in this group, and editing access is restricted to web content managers.

HCOM-All Employees (InfoCOM)

Internal college resources are stored in the InfoCOM subfolder, and all college faculty and staff are given access to view/download documents here. But only subfolder managers have access to upload, change or remove documents. See who they are (OHIO ID required).

Departmental and Campus Groups

These groups (HCOM-Academic Affairs, HCOM-Admissions, etc.) are for document sharing and collaboration within work groups.  

If you're a new Heritage College employee or student worker needing access to a folder group, request it below by selecting your campus (OHIO ID required):





Gaining access to the college's SharePoint groups

New hires typically receive access to departmental SharePoint groups during the employee-onboarding process.

Only college employees who manage web content are granted access to the HCOM-Website group in SharePoint.

If you are a Heritage College employee needing access to HCOM-Website or any other SharePoint group, here's what to do:

1. Request access by selecting your campus and completing a tech request form:


Athens Campus

Cleveland Campus

Dublin Campus


2. Once you're granted access, you'll receive an emailed invitation to follow the group.

User guide and training for managing web-linked documents in SharePoint

It is best practice to only link to PDFs on the website if absolutely necessary. Adding content directly to a webpage is the most readable and accessible way to manage content.

Manage Documents

PDFs must be remediated (made accessible by our third party vendor) before they can be linked.

PDF Remediation

PDFs that are linked from the website are currently stored in SharePoint.

Linking from SharePoint


Online Calendar

Calendar submission steps

The Heritage College Events Calendar is part of an Ohio University-wide system called Active Calendar. Also in this system is the central OHIO Calendar of University Events, or CUE, along with calendars for the College of Health Sciences and Professions, Russ College of Engineering and Technology, and other campus units. These calendars are all separate, but calendar administrators can share events between them.

Who submits calendar events?

Anyone with an OHIO ID may submit a calendar event, but the submission must be reviewed and approved by a calendar administrator before it displays on the public calendar.

How are events submitted?

Check back soon for this info.

How do I modify or delete a calendar event I submitted?

Check back soon for this info.

How does the Heritage College Events Calendar differ from the Microsoft Outlook Calendar?

The Events Calendar does not replace any of the Heritage College’s processes for reserving rooms, arranging videoconferencing, etc. But it's useful for publicizing events to a wide audience – college-wide, campus-wide, community-wide.


  • Guest Lecture Series
  • Workshops, seminars, summits and conferences
  • Mobile clinic events for the public


  • Staff meetings
  • Conference calls
  • Job candidate interviews


  • Convocation
  • Commencement
  • Heritage College Community Forums