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Music Education

Bachelor of Music in Music Education

Students who major in music education choose an emphasis in either choral or instrumental music. The curriculum provides a balanced program of applied music, theoretical studies, professional education studies, and field work experiences. Emphasis is upon contemporary music education with training and experiences designed to meet the varying needs of today's schools.

Music education students at Ohio University receive intensive musical training on their chosen instrument or voice, and participate in the performing ensembles. They study music history, literature, theory, and conducting. Methods courses help students develop teaching skills in a variety of settings from marching, concert, and jazz bands, to elementary classroom and high school choral music. Students also learn about modern technology in education as they work in the school's keyboard, electronic music, and computer labs. Many music education students choose to serve as paid instructors in the Athens Community Music School, where they gain valuable experience teaching area children. As members of the active collegiate MENC chapter, students travel to music conventions and workshops where they participate in a variety of educational and social activities. 

Students completing the undergraduate program receive the Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education with Ohio license to teach music K-12. A reciprocity license contract with 30 additional states is currently in effect.

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For the BM in Music Education - Instrumental Emphasis curriculum, please click here.

For the BM in Music Education - Choral Emphasis curriculum, please click here.

For additional information about the Bachelor of Music Education Degree, please contact:  

Associate Director
School of Music

Master of Music Education Program

The focus of the graduate degree program in Music Education is upon preparation to be a more skillful teacher. The course work is divided equally between music education and other studies with many possible options, varying according to the student's needs and interests. Students completing the graduate program receive the Master of Music degree in Music Education.


Graduate Equivalency Program  

Students who have earned an undergraduate music degree but do not hold teacher certification are accepted for a graduate equivalency program leading to the graduate degree with certification to teach music. Additional courses and additional time on campus are required, depending upon the student's undergraduate course work and preparation. Completion of the graduate program leads to the Master of Music degree in Music Education with licensure to teach music K-12.

Graduate assistantships, scholarships and awards are available for graduate Music Education students. Contact the School of Music for specific information.  

Admission Requirements  

Auditions demonstrating graduate-level proficiency are required for diagnostic purposes only. Taped auditions are accepted provisionally, and only when a personal audition is difficult or impossible to arrange. A writing sample on a topic assigned by the Music Education Division and a videotape rehearsal or teaching episode are also required.

For further program information, please contact:

Dr. Matthew Talbert
Chair, Music Education



Dorothy E. Bryant

Associate Professor of Music Education
(740) 593-4243

Paschal Yao Younge

Professor of Music Education
(740) 236-0521

Richard Suk

Professor of Music Education; Director of the Marching 110
(740) 593-1110

Paul Mayhew

Assistant Professor of Choral Music Education
(850) 274-9232