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School of Dance, Film, and Theater


Tim Jackson

MFA 2013, Film

(740) 593-1323

Tim Jackson

MFA 2013, Film

Tim Jackson has not been any of the following in his lifetime… a WWE pro wrestler, an elder of the Kennedy clan, the second man on the moon, the Governor of Colorado, the host of a television game show, a goalie for the Colorado Avalanche, a band member in Aerosmith, a utility ball player for the Colorado Rockies, a Playboy centerfold, a NFL quarterback, a college cheerleader, a chef in the Colorado Rockies, the CEO of a telephone company or the lead in a show called MacGyver.   But he has photographed them.
Tim has been a career still photographer for the past 18 years, working for numerous companies and publications.  His work has been published in Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, People Magazine, on CD covers, in books ranging from baseball parks to cheerleading, and on cell phones in Japan.  Tim has worked as a photo editor for SKI Magazine and has been a contract photographer for WWE pro wrestling.
At Ohio University, Tim plans on expanding his repertoire to include filmmaking.  He is interested in the convergence of photography and filmmaking on the internet and plans to share the work of the creative community in Athens through his blog, NonTraditionalFilms.


Super Eight (first-year narrative film)
Moving Forward
Love Is Lost (first-year narrative) 
I'll Tell You A Story (second-year narrative) 

Educational Background:

B.A. Photography 1991 - Southern Illinois University - Carbondale

Love Is Lost from Tim Jackson Films Library on Vimeo.