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School of Dance, Film, and Theater

Coye Lloyd

MA 2013, Film

(740) 593-1323

Coye Lloyd

MA 2013, Film

Born and raised in the city of Indianapolis (Indiana), Coye has had a long, nonprofessional relationship with film. Half way through her undergraduate at Indiana University, she happened upon a media studies class that revealed to her that pursuing a life in film that did not include slumming in Hollywood was possible. Hooked, she went on to graduate in 2007 with a double major in Communication and Culture and African American African Diaspora studies.

Because of her ties to the African American studies department, she was able to intern and eventually work part-time at the Black Film Center/Archive. There she grew a passion for film preservation and history. In addition to those interests, she loves a good-bad 90's action film or a terribly violent slasher movie.

Educational Background:

BA - Communication, African American African Diaspora Studies - Indiana University