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Sadie Sullivan

M.F.A Graphic Design

Sadie’s work is a microscope into the artistically detailed functions that make up our body, whether it is mentally or physically visual. Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, she was drawn to the city’s innovative lifestyle and dedication to technology and medicine. In 2016, Sadie graduated from Western Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in drawing and illustration. She discovered her love for medical and scientific illustration, paper cutout and fiber while exploring her drawing research. The idea behind her work is to create useful design, whether it is used in medicine, education, or everyday life.  

Website: http://sadiefrancis.weebly.com

“Galileo’s Mind,” dip pen & ink on drawing paper, 12”x15,” 2014
“Fish in the Sea,” paper cutouts from canvas paper, diameter 25,” 2017