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Pace Warner

BFA Film Student

Pace Warner was born and raised outside of Columbus in Pickerington, Ohio. From a young age, Pace fell in love with movies like The Godfather and Goodfellas with his 9 Italian American aunts and uncles and 21 cousins. From then on, Pace was on the search for a good story to watch and eventually had enough ideas to write some of his own. In high school, Pace played lacrosse and ran cross country. Along with that Pace spent a lot of nights working or revising scripts and would receive helpful feedback from his Theater teacher Allen DeCarlo. Now in Ohio University’s BFA program, Pace hopes to gain more of an understanding of film making and the components that unite to create a final product. In addition to a film major, Pace is majoring in Sociology with a specialty in criminology. Pace plans on taking his knowledge from this major to as well aid him in forming ideas for compelling stories.