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Marissa Stewart

M.F.A. Photography + Integrated Media

Born and raised in Toledo, OH, but currently residing in Columbus, OH. I received my BFA from Bowling Green State University with a specialization in photography. Currently using 35mm and 4x5 large format cameras in my research and investigations. My practice is surrounded on the ideas of humanity, race and African diaspora. My work is born from a need to explore the consequences of migration/ movement in specially communities of color and how that results in lost/erasure of family history and the significance of oral storytelling. Current research is focused on exploring the idea that privilege can be, and is often more times than not, things that are not physical items, for example: family medical history, access to family history readily, mental health etc. And exploring how an exclusion to those privileges shape a community or persons within that community.  Website: www.marissanicolestewart.com

“ Kiss of Light” Gelatin Silver Print 11”x 16”
“Lily and Beverly” Gelatin Silver Print 11”x16”


“Scars of Time” Gelatin Silver Print 11”x16”