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M.A.A. Professional Internship

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Professional Internship

  • FAR 5910 Professional Internship in the Arts (6)

The field of arts administration prioritizes experience. The Professional Internship is the required, culminating experience of the MAA and applies and synthesizes coursework. The internship typically occurs during the Summer semester (May-August). The internship site is flexible and can be completed with an organization or in a geographic area of the student’s choosing. Students take ownership in finding and applying for their internships, with the Head of the program approving all internship placements. There are paid internship opportunities available. Students should be able to:

  • Apply academic knowledge and skills in a professional setting.
  • Solve problems when working with new ideas, challenges, organizations, and stakeholders.
  • Demonstrate professionally relevant competencies and relationships.
  • Advance analytical and ethical leadership skills to communicate and manage effectively.
  • Critically evaluate personal views and performance compared to professional perceptions.

Internship Partners for Summer 2023

  • Arts West
  • Arts & Culture Department of Lackawanna County 
  • Aspen Music Festival and School
  • Catawba County Arts Council
  • Danville Symphony Orchestra (IL)
  • Factory Street Studio
  • Girl Scouts of Western Ohio
  • Huntington Symphony Orchestra
  • Marin Theatre Company
  • Mid America Arts Alliance
  • Opera Theatre of Saint Louis
  • Stuart's Opera House
  • Wild Prairie Winds Professional Wind Quartet
  • Ohio University:
    • Kennedy Museum
    • Summer Dance Institute, College of Fine Arts
    • Art History Program, School of Art + Design

Internship Partners for Summer 2022

  • Jacob’s Pillow
  • Cleveland Play House
  • Stuart’s Opera House
  • DANCE Cleveland
  • International Women’s Air and Space Museum
  • Texas Shakespeare Festival
  • Arts Possible Ohio
  • Students Motivated by the Arts
  • Lancaster Festival
  • Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble
  • Community Counselling Services (CCS Fundraising)
  • Ohio University:
    • Kennedy Museum
    • Ohio Museum Complex
    • University Human Resources
    • Office of Summer Programs, College of Fine Arts

Internship Partners for Summer 2021 (inaugural MAA cohort)

  • Arts West
  • Cannabis Museum
  • Southeast Ohio History Center
  • Cincinnati Art Museum
  • Odyssey Associates and White Heron Theatre Company
  • Dairy Barn
  • West Virginia Symphony Orchestra
  • University of Toledo, Department of Music
  • Explorium: Denton Children’s Museum
  • TheatreWashington
  • West Virginia Symphony Orchestra – Parkersburg
  • Tantrum Theater
  • Zanesville Museum of Art
  • Actors Theatre of Louisville
  • Stuart’s Opera House
  • The Sculpture Center
  • Monteux School and Music Festival

Final Capstone Projects and Oral Presentations

A signature of the MAA program is the completion of a Final Capstone Project, which expands on the work being completed by students during the Professional Internship in the Arts and synthesizes the MAA coursework. The project might be research focused, interactive, geared towards problem posing/solving, or community-based in its approach. The purpose is to provide students with the opportunity to both deepen and demonstrate mastery in the field of arts administration and to further tailor the program to their professional practice and interdisciplinary interests. Students also present a strategic overview of their final capstone project to a panel of arts administration scholars and experts working in the field.

Final Capstone Projects for Summer 2023

Board Governance: Building a Board Book for a Small Non-profit
Student: Amanda de Santos

Reimagining the Music Consortium Process Through the Lens of an Artist-Administrator
Student: Avery N. Bumgarner

The Purpose and Process of Program Book Editing: Connecting Audiences to Music
Student: David Hoyt

The Golden Project Theater: A New Los Angeles Based Theater
Student: Donald “Avi” Stewart

Girls Love Clothes, But We Love Our Planet More: A Guide to Understanding Textile Sustainability
Student: Evann Anne Farrell

Orchestrating Data: A Review and Rebuild of Select Databases for a Small-Town Orchestra
Student: James Aaron Jarvis

How Audio Descriptions Contribute to Expanding Equity in Theater and Dance Nonprofit Organizations
Student: Julianna M. Simons

Potential Barriers and Solutions: Exploring Fat Inclusion in the Theater
Student: Kate Walcher

Comparative Analysis of a Non-profit vs. For-profit Dance Studio: Two Case Studies
Student: Keeley Conroy

An Exhibition Proposal: The Past is the Present, Centering Civil Rights and Social Justice in the United States
Student: Khrystyna Frank

Queer Play-a-thon: A Proposed Play Festival Framework
Student: Laura Wininger

Rebuilding a Symphony Orchestra: Knowing What Tools to Use
Student: Madeline Julian

Adding the A to DEI: Accessibility for Arts Organizations in Lackawanna County
Student: Molly Anne Cerep

A Critical Rewriting of Art History Foundations
Student: Shelly L. Lisle

A Personal Investigation: How a Production Manager Can Foster a Positive Work Environment
Student: Spencer Crawford

Re-Launching a Musical Lending Library Program
Student: Sydney Fosnaugh

A Critical Reconfiguration: A Renovation of Art Historical Surveys
Student: William C. Varney

Summer 2021 Final Capstone Projects (inaugural MAA cohort)

A Synthesis on Community Engagement in the Arts and Community-Based Events
Student: Paula Atfield

Split Decisions: The Relationship Between the U.S. Government and Cannabis: The Exhibition and Research of an Arts Administrator
Student: Rachel Black

From Accession to Exhibit: The Life and Journey of an Object at the Southeast Ohio History Center
Student: Will Daughters

Restructuring Annual Fund Communications at the Cincinnati Art Museum
Student: Lauren Gaines

White Heron Theatre Company
Student: Lloyda Garrett

Project Funding in Art Organizations: Community Remembrance Quilt
Student: Grace Gribble

Capacity Building for a State Symphony Orchestra
Student: Madeline Helbling

Art Nouveau and the Counterculture Movement: The Evolution of the Modern Poster
Student: Tiana Hough

Curriculum Development Plan for The University of Toledo, Department of Music
Student: Nate Krebs

Foundational Documents: How They Drive the Work of the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra - Parkersburg
Student: Kenna McWilliams

Development and Implementation of Play Experiences in a Small to Midsize Children’s Museum
Student: Sarah Melaragno

Theatre Washington: An Analysis of the Restructuring Process of a Predominantly White Institution
Student: Ri Moodie

ARTStart: The Creation of an Arts-Based Preschool Program for a Non-Profit Organization
Student: Alexis Parsons

Accessibility in an Appalachian Theater
Student: Samantha Pelham

ZMA Learn With Us: Impact Study on the Effects of Facilitated Multi-Visit Museum Programs on 4th Grade Students
Student: Rebecca Roderer

The Art of Anti-racist Administration: (r)evolution in best practices for a new era of arts leadership
Student: E.B. Smith

Anti-Racism In the Arts: 5 Questions Arts Administrators Should Ask Themselves And Why
Student: Devin Sudman

Summer Performing Arts Camp: Reexamining practices for effective engagement
Student: Emily Talley

Creating a Programming Survey for The Sculpture Center
Student: Alicia Telzerow

Peering Through the Musical Looking Glass of Arts Administration
Student: Clayton E. Yoshifuku

Final Capstone Projects for Summer 2022

Facilitating College Access through Pre-College Programming in the Fine Arts
Student: Lacy G. Davis

Chicharrón: a communion with the triple A’s: A reflection on the impact of my intersectionality on my identity of Artist-Administrator
Student: Roberto Di Donato

Physical Accessibility in the Arts: How can Historical Organizations Balance Conservation and Accommodation?
Student: Damion Diffendal

A Glimpse into the Collection: Kennedy Museum of Art
Student: Dominic Diffendal

Historical Contexts: Examining Significant Events in the LGBTQIA+ Rights Movement and its Application to Equity in Theatre
Student: Michael Herrmann

2022 Possibility Talks Program: Sourcing Artists, Small-Scale Marketing Plan, and an Evaluation Survey 
Student: Bilsan Kattan

What do a Lighting Designer, Actor, and Arts Administrator have in common? A self-reflection 
Student: Andres Moledo

A Summer Shakespeare Festival Experience: An Auto-Ethnography of an Artist-Administrator
Student: Ashley Rutkowski

An Arts Administrator’s Beginning Guide to Feasibility Studies 
Student: Veronique Shaftel

Sustainable Strategies for Documentation and Evaluation: An Analysis of Community Engagement Practices at Jacob’s Pillow
Student: Brianne Szymanski

Accessibility at Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble: An Example of a Sensory Friendly Performance 
Student: Sarah Elizabeth Yorke

Educational Programs in Museums: Place-Based Education at the OHIO Museum Complex
Student: Kayla Zehner

BOOSTING: The Benefits of the Creation and Implementation of a Band Booster Organization for a High School Band Program 
Student: Lauren M Zetts