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Linnea Stevens

M.A. Art History

Linnea Stevens received her BA in Studio Art from North Greenville University (’18) in Tigerville, SC. Her focus of study includes the relationship of the arts and pop culture, particularly in entertainment of the 20th century. She believes an effective study of art history not only includes the artwork, but also the people, culture, and philosophies that surround it. She has most recently been researching the life and legacy of Edwin C. Berry and the need for preservation of African American history in Athens. Her motivation to pursue this degree is both professional and personal; she desires to become an instructor of art and art history at the university level, in a way that is approachable. Many students feel that art is exclusive to people of high culture and is irrelevant to the common person. However, a study of art history is a study of humanity. There are very few places where someone has such an opportunity to see the human psyche on display: our joys, conflicts, passions. A study of art history is not only applicable in a lecture room, but also in a studio class. Understanding art techniques of the past is essential to teaching artists of today, by relating concepts in a practical application. On a personal level, she wishes to utilize the knowledge she obtains to inform her own work as a character and conceptual artist. An artist and illustrator herself, her art seeks to tell stories by creating dynamic characters. Her main influences include Disney animation, graphic novels, and fairy tale book illustrations. Her work can be seen on Instagram @linnea_artness.

Ocean Ballgown copy.jpg
"Ocean Ballgown" Procreated on iPad 2019
Siren's Stare.JPG
“Siren’s Stare,” Procreated in iPad, 2019