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Kayla Holdgreve

M.F.A. Photography

My work questions our personal presence based on how one immerse themselves within new and familiar spaces, and how memory contributes to this perception. Over time, our memories become fragmented as we continuously try to recall various details, which end up altering the reality. The distortions of these details become apparent and we are left with an uncertainty of what the memory actually was. This leaves us questioning our perception of our self within that time and space. Various environments hold changes through visual elements, as well as from a personal feeling of familiarity, be it in a new or reoccurring space. Our personal histories intertwine with the historical presence of the landscape, resulting in a personal narrative reflected through environmental spaces. 

Kayla Suzanne Holdgreve is a photographer and visual artist from Lima, Ohio. She received her BFA in Photography from Columbus College of Art and Design, where she was awarded the outstanding senior award for photography. Holdgreve’s work explores ideas of memory and our personal presence within the landscape.  She incorporates images of herself, her family as well as surrounding environments, using traditional and digital processes. http://www.kaylaholdgreve.com

“Geraldine at the Lake,” archival pigment print, 20” x 26,” 2019
“Untitled-Self Portrait,” Expired Polaroid 667, 3 ¼ x 4 ¼,” 2018