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Hattie Phillips

M.F.A. Printmaking

Hattie Phillips graduated from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, 2013, with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in both Painting and Printmaking.  Using a variety of media to explore color and mark-making, she built a collection of work that focused on the exploration of the stillness embodied within the vast and expansive horizon.   

She is currently an MFA candidate pursuing her degree in Printmaking, with an anticipated 2022 graduation date. Her current research, with a continued focus around the phenomena of natural and man-made horizons, seeks to explore the simple revelations and connections found in the wild and careful design of her domain.

“21 August 2017,” Oil Paint on Birch Panel, 5in x 7in. 2018.
“IX,” Screenprint on Stonehenge, 5in x 7in. 2013.