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Gokul Prasath

MFA Film Student

My name is Gokulprasath Muralitharan. My friends call me “Goku,” like the main character from the Dragonball anime. I hail from a beautiful village in the southern part of India. From my mom’s bedtime stories and my dad’s writings, I have found my calling in the field of film. I started writing my stories from the age of 10. I have completed my B.A in English literature, M.A. in English Literature with an emphasis in Sci-fi and my M.Phil. in Cosmic Horror. I listen to movie and video game themes as an inspiration to scout for locations and when writing a story or a screenplay. Hans Zimmer and Alan Silvestri are my favourites. I love Nirvana and Led Zeppelin with all my heart. I love Star Wars the most – who doesn’t? I have played video games for 17 hours straight without leaving the chair and consider it my greatest achievement to date. This particular game was Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Comic books, anime, videogames, cartoons and movies are my pocket dimensions. I can escape into them anytime I want. I want to replicate the same for someone else. So I chose to make films as an opportunity to let my creativity out. I will be happy if any one of my movies could help a kid to smile for a moment. 

My favourite genre of movies are fantasy, horror, thriller and sci-fi. I chose Ohio University because of its rich heritage of horror and the peaceful landscapes which can fuel my creativity much further.