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Basil Masri Zada

Basil Masri Zada 2022

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Art + Design

Basil Masri Zada

Assistant Professor of Instruction, Digital Art + Technology

Basil Masri Zada is a transdisciplinary, cross-cultural scholar-artist, activist, Fulbright alumni, educator, curator, art administrator, and digital arts, technologies, and museum professional. Masri Zada's research and artistic practice focus on the practices of everyday life, art, and political activism in relation to the Syrian crisis that started in 2011. In addition to traditional sculpture and drawing, his studio expertise includes a variety of mediums such as performance, sound, new/multimedia, video art, installation, technology, interactive, and digital arts.  
Masri Zada has been teaching art as a practice, theory, and history since 2008, first and Damascus University, Syria, and now at Ohio University since 2012. Masri Zada is a Visiting Professor of Digital Arts and Technology, Foundations, Arts Administration, and Pedagogy.

Educational Background  


Ph.D. from Ohio University in Interdisciplinary Arts at Ohio University, 2022

Focusing on Performance Studies and Visual Arts, Zada's dissertation is entitled:
"The Practices of Everyday Life and the Syrian Body, Art, Life, and Political Activism of the Syrian Crisis, 2011-2022"  

Graduate Certificates in Museum Studies; Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies; and African Studies

MFA from Ohio University in Sculpture and Expanded Practices, 2014

BFA from Damascus University in Sculpture, 2007


Classes Being Taught:

Graduate Courses:

  • ART 5000  Graduate Teaching Seminar
  • ART 5125  Working with Artists & Publics
  • ART 5130  Art Worlds: Intersections & Modalities
  • ART 5900 & ART 6900 Studio Art Topics: Digital Art + Technology

Undergraduate Digital Art + Technology courses:

  • ART 2110  Digital Art + Technology I
  • ART 2120  Creative Coding for Artists I
  • ART 3110  Digital Art + Technology II
  • ART 3120  Creative Coding for Artists II

Undergraduate Foundation courses 

  • ART 1200  Description + Drawing
  • ART 1210  Function + Practice
  • ART 1220  Image + Design
  • ART 1230  Structure + Space