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Emily Isaacs

HTC Film Student

Emily Isaacs was born and raised in the (unwelcome) heat of Charlotte, North Carolina. From an early age, Emily showed signs of having a vast imagination. The pursuit of creativity has always been encouraged in her household. As such, Emily’s mother had to endure one crazy story after another from her daughter. At the age of thirteen, Emily discovered that films and moviemaking could be a great source for her to tell her fantastical stories. Having always been drawn to the intricate weaving and storytelling of films, she took every chance she got to explore the media. Now, Emily listens to movie soundtracks by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard as a means of inspiration as she writes her stories. Her favorite films are the 2003 Peter Pan and the Pirates of the Caribbean series. (Don’t ask her about Peter Pan unless you have three hours to spare.) Emily hopes her time at Ohio University will give her the means and experience to be that much closer to achieving her dreams.