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Evan Gilland

HTC Film Student

Evan grew up in Cincinnati, where he was homeschooled from 3rd grade onward. The “school for homeschoolers” he attended during this decade, Leaves of Learning, is where he became interested in filmmaking. In 8th grade, he wrote his first feature film. Over the next 4½ years, he and a group of friends completed a trilogy of superhero sci-fantasy features, aided by a supportive network of parents and teachers, and premiered these films in movie theaters. In 2017, Evan attended the NHSI Film & Video program at Northwestern University- a transformative experience in his development as a filmmaker. Evan’s love of filmmaking is centered around the idea of building immersive visual worlds that aid in storytelling. Among his core interests is production design- he has made dozens of costumes, props, and set pieces for his films. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he has been influenced significantly by the Lord of the Rings trilogy (both the films and the books!). Evan hopes to develop himself as a filmmaker, a production designer, and an educated human while at Ohio University through the Honors Tutorial.