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Derek Page

M.F.A. Painting + Drawing

I received my BFA in Graphic Design from Eastern Illinois University in 2016. I continued my education at Eastern Illinois University the following year to receive my MA in Studio Art. Being from a background in graphic design as well as studio art led me to be interested in technological mediums as well as the impact of technology on society. Because of this, my studio practice from the beginning of my time at Ohio University has been involved with the use and study of technology. This focus has only increased with my most recent avenue of research, digital spaces and how they affect and compare to physical spaces. When thinking of the physical spaces that have both the anonymity, density of population, and lack of meaningful human connection, public transportation came to mind. I am using subway systems, buses, and other means of transportation as a representation of technology and the way we interact within it. I am exploring this avenue of research through documentation photography of public transportation systems in different cities, showing how interaction has changed with the introduction of technology, while using these photographs as inspiration for larger scale paintings using oil, charcoal, or acrylic. The connection to technology within these paintings will be shown using tropes of social media, and more importantly, by the use of colors related to my previous knowledge of website coding. While studying this avenue of research based around technology and social media, I plan on utilizing technological mediums such as video to further explore ways to filter this research into an art making process. 


Page work
“Untitled,” acrylic on canvas, 36” X 48” 2018
Page work 2
“Untitled,” oil on canvas, 48” X 24,” 2019