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Vicki Rhodes Dornbush

Vicki Rhodes Dornbush



Vicki Rhodes Dornbush

Department Administrator

Vicki came to Ohio University in 2006 and to the College of Fine Arts in 2022, having previously worked in Communication Studies and the Registrar’s Office. Before coming to Ohio University, Vicki worked 20+ years in the legal community as an administrative assistant, jury commissioner, deputy clerk, having worked very closely with judges, prosecutors, clerks of courts, lawyers, and law enforcement in the Athens/Columbus, Ohio area.

Vicki is currently working to finish her Bachelor’s in Specialized Studies Degree (emphasis in Criminal Justice, with a minor in World Religions and Communication Studies).

Vicki lives in New Marshfield with her husband, Ed, and their six fur babies, Gracie, Moses, Fred, Archer, Louie and Sweetpea. Vicki spends time with her husband at UKC Bench Shows showing Louie and Sweetpea, who are champion UKC Registered Treewalker Coonhounds.

When not showing Louie and Sweetpea or studying, Vicki likes to watch true crime shows and loves to listen to various types of music.