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Devin Chen




Devin Chen

HTC Film Student

Devin grew up on a small farm outside Springfield, Ohio. From a young age, Devin was no stranger to stories. Family movie nights were a common occurrence, encouraged by his father who would often pick up a new film on his way home from work. His parents claim to have utilized films to gently and gradually introduce their children to the world, slowly diving deeper into the complexities of nature, history, and humanity, the effects of which were definitely not lost on Devin. From these early film experiences, Devin developed a deep respect for nature and the rich history of the world. During sophomore year of high school, Devin discovered his love for filmmaking and its potential to help instigate positive change through several PSA projects. He decided to continue pursuing this passion, producing several more short films and commercials with the help of his friends. While at Ohio University, Devin hopes to enrich his understanding of the history and nature of film and to explore his interests in directing, cinematography, and editing.