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Arts Administration

Certificate Overview

The Arts Administration Certificate is distinctly designed to help develop leadership acumen in the arts while supporting students’ primary field of study or chosen career path. The curriculum provides foundational courses in arts leadership, governance, management, and development. Students in the certificate program may include working artists, professionals from other disciplines, and current arts managers or teachers who want to expand their knowledge base and scope of skills. The Arts Administration Certificate is 12 total credit hours and can be completed in two semesters.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will gain an understanding the social, political, economic, and artistic environment in which nonprofit arts organizations work.
  • Students will recognize the challenges facing arts organizations and how relationships with boards, donors, and stakeholders shape the interconnectedness of these systems within the organization.
  • Students will gain competencies in essential arts administration functions including communication, public relations, cultural policy, marketing, advocacy, governance, ethical leadership, community engagement, and resource development and management.
  • Students will become familiar with organizational culture in a nonprofit environment including relationship building, roles of various stakeholders, strategic thinking, and the spoken and unspoken thoughts, assumptions, and principles that arts administrators might employ to guide management practices and decision making when working with diverse groups of people.
  • Students will begin to apply theories and use a variety of communication platforms to develop a strategic plan, build an audience base, promote nonprofit arts organizations with internal and external stakeholders, and advance culturally responsible management practices. 
  • Students will create an effective fundraising and development strategies to raise funds from a variety of available sources and individual donors. 

Enrollment Eligibility

This certificate is intended for degree-seeking graduate students. Transfer credits may not be applied to the certificate.

Arts Administration Certificate Requirements

Opportunities upon Completion

The certificate equips students, who may come from a range of academic backgrounds and professional experiences, with the basic tools to gain entry-level jobs in the field or advance current knowledge and practice. Students will be prepared for jobs that support arts and cultural organizations, navigate challenges in the non-profit sector, and advocate for policies and resources that support arts organizations and programs.

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For more information on the Arts Administration Certificate, contact Dr. Christi Camper Moore,, Assistant Professor, Dance and Head of Arts Administration.