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Professor Willem Roosenburg leads biology students on a turtle research project in the Chesapeake Bay.
Biological Sciences Undergraduate Degrees

As a Biological Sciences Major, You’ll Discover the Wonder of Life

Biology, the study of life, is more important than ever. Environmental conservation, medical science, and many other fields are in desperate need of talented biological sciences majors who are passionate about life and how it works. Ohio University’s biological sciences undergraduate degrees are excellent pursuits for pre-med students, future researchers, and many more.

A biological sciences degree from Ohio University allows students to learn about the most mysterious and important forces on Earth. Over their courses of study, students dive deep into topics such as evolution, ecology, cellular development, and physiology. With multiple research opportunities and specializations to choose from, the biological sciences major is yours to tailor to your interests and career dreams.

Choose Where You Want to Learn

  • Athens, OH, Residential Campus

    OHIO’s warm and welcoming residential campus in Athens offers the quintessential college experience, complete with numerous facilities, access to a social downtown area, and plentiful outdoor activities and attractions.

  • Regional Campuses

    Don’t live near Athens? Many of OHIO’s biological sciences courses are available at our regional campuses, enabling you to complete some of this major closer to home before transferring or continuing your education at our Athens campus.

    Chillicothe Campus

    Eastern Campus

    Lancaster Campus

    Southern Campus

    Zanesville Campus

Biological Sciences Careers & Opportunities

A degree in biological sciences significantly expands your working opportunities. Depending on the degree you choose, you may qualify for positions including but not limited to:

  • Conservationist
  • Teacher
  • Biological researcher
  • Microbiologist
  • Environmental policymaker
  • Biochemist
  • Zoologist
  • Environmental scientist
  • Medical technologist

More Career & Internship Info

Biology interns at the Wayne National Forest
Kyle Brooks, third from left, interned at the Wayne National Forest and then put his naturalist, writing and photography skills to work there.

Post-grad Opportunities for Biological Science Majors

Depending on your degree, you might want to continue your graduate education in biology at Ohio University with an M.S. in Biological Sciences or a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences. Our concentrations in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Integrative Physiology & Neuroscience, and Cell, Developmental & Microbiology allow you to delve into research in the areas that most interest you.

We also offer a special graduate program in Molecular and Cellular Biology where students explore interdisciplinary approaches to solving key problems in with our dynamic faculty in world-class research facilities.

Which Major Should You Choose If You Want to Go to Medical School?

The Biological Sciences Pre-professional major is designed with the required coursework to support preparation for applying to health professions programs. ln addition to medical school, this track prepares students for professional programs in Dentistry, Optometry and Veterinary Medicine. Another option for pre-health majors is the Biological Sciences B.S., a flexible major that allows you to choose upper-level science coursework incorporating the pre-requisites required for your chosen professional program

Get to Medical School Faster with Our Early Assurance Program

Outstanding high school seniors from the state of Ohio are invited to apply to the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine (OU-HCOM) Early Assurance Program (EAP). In as few as seven years, students can earn their undergraduate degree from Ohio University and their Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree from the Heritage College.

Jeremiah Triplett, OHIO's Pre-Health Advisor
Jeremiah Triplett is OHIO's Pre-Health Advisor.

Take Advantage of the Pre-Med and Pre-Health Advising Center

Many future medical professionals choose biological sciences for their undergraduate degrees. To be successful in the health-care field requires strong academic performance and admissions exam scores.

OHIO's Pre-Med and Pre-Health Advising Center—located in Irvine 124—offers individualized assistance and advice for Ohio University students and alumni interested in the health professions, including Dentistry, Medicine, Optometry, Physical Therapy, Veterinary Medicine and other allied health professions.


Special Interest Options in Biological Sciences

Students in the general Biological Sciences major BS2121 have the option of pursuing a special interest, with upper-level coursework and possible research and/or internship experience.

Get Hands-on Experience with Your Biological Science Degree

Our biological science programs exemplify our commitment to experiential learning. By the time you graduate, you’ll have ample experience doing the work your future employers will expect, boosting your resume and enhancing your immediate career prospects.

  • Undergraduate  Research Immersion Program (UGRIP)

    Biological sciences majors may apply for the Undergraduate Research Immersion Program, a two-component plan to help you engage with research opportunities and acquire formal research experience during the latter two years of your degree.

  • Participate in Undergraduate Student Research

    BIOS 4940 Undergraduate Research enables you to participate in research projects, earning credit, a resume enhancement, and experience in the lab or in the field.

  • Complete a Senior Thesis Project

    Biological sciences majors with research experience can optionally complete BIOS 4941 and compile their research findings into a thesis. It’s an exceptional opportunity to prove your skills and practice for a future in a biological research field.

  • Join the Departmental Honors Program

    Join the undergraduate departmental honors program, which requires a thesis or project at the culmination of a supervised research project. You’ll earn special recognition for this monumental achievement upon graduation.

  • Choose a Biological Sciences Specialization

    If you major in general biological sciences, you can pursue a special interest in different topics to concentrate on your degree, including neuroscience, clinical laboratory science and medical technology, and exercise physiology.

  • Earn Credits for a Biology Internship

    Tackle a biology internship for credit at national parks, research labs, and elsewhere to gain valuable work experience and expand your professional network well before earning your degree.

Why Choose a Biological Science Degree?

The modern world is beset by significant challenges, especially in the biological sciences. No matter where you look or what industry you wish to work in, there are problems that need solving. Microbiologists pursue cures for impactful diseases. Wildlife conservation is more important than ever (especially for endangered species). And medical professionals are always necessary, particularly given the rising average age in America and around the world.

By pursuing a biological sciences degree, you’ll empower yourself to make a difference in whatever field you choose. An undergraduate degree in the biological sciences is good for pre-med students, but it’s also a worthwhile degree if you want to work in an industry that has real-world effects on people, animals, and the environment overall.

Student Support Resources for Biological Sciences Majors

All OHIO students have access to extensive support resources, but biological sciences majors find that their faculty and department go above and beyond. Biological sciences students and teachers form a tight-knit group and professional family, and you’ ll find that all of your professors are committed to helping you succeed.

Take advantage of dedicated study areas, including the BIOS Advising Resource Room, which is staffed by peer mentors who know all about your challenges and how to overcome them. You’ll also be partnered with a dedicated success advisor – and for biological sciences students, advisors are right down the hall from most lecture and lab rooms!

Don’t forget scholarships and financial aid. You can apply for several undergraduate scholarship awards, as well as research funds, to  enable you to complete projects for your degree.

The OHIO Experience for Biological Sciences Majors

Studying biological sciences at Ohio University is a unique experience from day one. Though this is a broad field, you can focus your studies by choosing a specific degree, and your professors and success advisor will help you stick to your strengths and develop your interests for long-term prosperity.

On-campus and off-campus research opportunities will also be available to you. You’ll learn not just in the classroom but in real-world environments. In the process, you’ll gain the confidence needed to thrive in any professional field – and see just what kind of work you’ll accomplish post-graduation!