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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Concentration

Graduate student Juan Pablo Aguilar Cabezas studies is the population ecology of the vampire bat in Ecuador.
Graduate student Juan Pablo Aguilar Cabezas studies is the population ecology of the vampire bat in Ecuador.

Read more at "Johnson, Aquilar Study Vampire Bat Adaptation in Ecuador."

The graduate program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology—a concentration in the Biological Sciences graduate programs—brings together researchers and students interested in biodiversity research. This includes the hierarchy of biological organization, from genes to species to ecosystems. Investigations are wide ranging and encompass all manner of biological pattern and process. Examples include studies of organismal structure and function, natural and sexual selection, adaptation, behavior, evolutionary genetics, population biology, community dynamics, species formation, phylogenetics, conservation biology, paleontology, and the history of life on earth.

The Ecology and Evolutionary Biology graduate program combines faculty from the departments of Biological Sciences and Biomedical Sciences. This program is part of the Ohio Center for Ecology & Evolutionary Studies, which is an integrative collection of ecology and evolutionary biology faculty and students assembled from diverse departments and colleges across campus.

Graduate Programs in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Students entering this program can pursue a master's or doctoral degree. A vital component of a student's training is interaction and collaboration. Students entering the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology concentration should thus consider themselves colleagues in the EEB focus group and take an active role in the program. The student's adviser will help in the formulation of a thesis or dissertation project, but the student is expected to take a lead role in identifying a topic appropriate for research.

Related Opportunities

A Master of Science in Environmental Studies is available as an interdisciplinary program of graduate coursework and research, located in the George V. Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Service. The program is developed around five areas of concentration: life sciences, physical and earth sciences, environmental archaeology, environmental policy and planning, or environmental monitoring.

The Graduate Certificate in Conservation Biology offers an interdisciplinary graduate conservation biology certificate. This program encourages a multifaceted understanding of the factors affecting the conservation of biological diversity. It is centered in the Biological Sciences Department, but includes faculty members from the departments of Environmental & Plant Biology, Economics, Geography, and Political Science. Students enrolled in any master's or doctoral program at Ohio University are eligible to apply for the certificate. Each application for the certificate program is reviewed by an oversight committee composed of three faculty representatives from participating departments. Each student in the program chooses a certificate adviser to oversee the completion of requirements.