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Biological Sciences Graduate Society

Biological Graduate Student Society 2020 officers, on Teams
Biological Graduate Student Society 2020 officers

The Biological Sciences Graduate Society (B.S.G.S.) was created to facilitate interdisciplinary activity and growth within the graduate community of Biological Sciences at Ohio University.

All graduate students within the five disciplines of the department (Cell Biology and Physiology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Exercise Physiology and Muscle Biology, Microbiology, and Neurobiology) as well as those in Molecular and Cellular Biology are members of the society and have equal voice within the society. Given the time constraints placed upon graduate students, the structure of the society is decentralized and meeting times are minimized.

The society's primary goals are:

  • Accurately represent the concerns and needs of graduate students to the department administration and university as a whole.
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary exchanges.
  • Foster professional growth.
  • Liaise with other student government associations.
  • Provide programming of special interest to the graduate students of the program.