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Rigorous honors program or flourishing social life?
Here, you can pick both.

OHIO Honors Program

We'll never make you choose between the Bobcat experience and the Honors experience. The OHIO Honors Program blends beautifully with any major so you can dive deeper into the things you're interested in — both as an exceptional student and a regular college kid--all majors are welcome. You’ll complement your learning with special projects, seminars, and out-of-the-classroom experiences within three pathways.


As an OHP student, you’ll take challenging classes, but you’ll also apply your knowledge outside the classroom. You’ll work closely with dedicated honors advisers throughout your time in the program to choose appropriate curricular (courses) and co-curricular (outside the classroom) experiences from these pathways, building toward your fourth-year capstone portfolio: 

Community Engagement

Communities can be based on geography or shared interest, and this pathway allows you to build relationships within all kinds. You might work with a local nonprofit organization, engage with distant communities through study abroad opportunities, or develop an event that draws together people with a common interest or experience. 

Research and Creative Activity

Research is a vital and enduring element of the academic experience. This pathway encourages you to consider the various ways to collect information, make sense of it, and share it in a meaningful way. You might work in a laboratory, conduct research based on interviews or focus groups, or develop an exhibition or performance based on personal stories you collect.


Explore various ideas about leadership and develop your own understanding of the concept and how you can use and build upon your existing skills to practice it. While pursuing this pathway, you might participate in student government, work with campus and community organizations to respond to local challenges, or mentor your peers. 


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    Success within the OHIO Honors Program

    The OHIO Honors Program welcomes students from all majors. Take the first step to becoming an OHIO Honors student today.


    Honors all Around

    Whether you’re interested in diversity issues, a major-specific honors offering, or innovative problem solving, several honors and scholars programs at OHIO allow you to take your honors experience to the next level. 

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