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Research in the Biological Sciences is facilitated by several modern research facilities, including the new Life Sciences Building. Ohio University also maintains a 682-acre land lab adjacent to the campus that is available for both teaching and research.

Special research facilities available to students include exercise and metabolic physiology facilities, a transgenic mouse facility, a hybridoma facility, a molecular genetics laboratory with computer-assisted DNA, RNA, and protein sequencing facilities, an NMR facility, and mass spectrophotometry facilities. Advanced computing facilities are available including the Quantitative Biology Institute.

Animal holding facilities are available for ectothermic and endothermic animals, including aquatic animal holdings. The Biological Sciences Department maintains a 15,000-specimen vertebrate collection.

The Alden Library has approximately 1.1 million volumes and receives more than 1,000 biological and biomedical journals. Access to other Ohio universities collections are also available through the OhioLink library system.