Undergraduate Research Immersion Program (UGRIP)

The Undergraduate Research Immersion Program (UGRIP) is a learning community of OCEES faculty, post-docs, visiting professors, and graduate students that provides the opportunity to engage ecology and evolutionary biology (EEB) undergraduates in scientific inquiry-based learning and research.

UGRIP provides the opportunity for undergraduates with a strong interest in organismal or environmental biology to learn about conservation, ecological, evolutionary, or environmental research at OHIO.  Program graduates will receive research experience that improves their competitiveness for future employment and academic opportunities. 

Getting Into UGRIP

Application Requirements:

  1. Must be a freshman, sophomore or junior
  2. Must be a major in one of the participating OCEES Departments
  3. Statement of research interests
  4. Minimum GPA of 3.0

Applicant will be notified by mid-December and should register for BIOS 3880 for Spring Semester.

Apply Now

Program Overview

UGRIP consists of two components designed to engage students during freshman through senior years with research engagement and a formal research course experience.

Component 1: OCEES Seminar Series

BIOS (3880) Undergraduate Research Inquiry & Analysis in EEB — 2 Credit Hour course each spring semester

UGRIP students will attend research seminars weekly (which are also attended by the OCEES student body and faculty) and follow up each presentation with a tutorial discussing the research with the presenter. This new undergraduate seminar program will bring in visiting speakers to add more formal and more diverse research exposure. The goal is to immerses the UGRIP students into research thinking and methods early and throughout their undergraduate tenure. Because of the variety of speakers in the program (peers, graduate students, post-docs, faculty and visiting researchers) the participants are exposed to a wide variety of research areas, methods, and types of oral presentations. UGRIP students take BIOS 3880 their first time and can then retake the class as BIOS 2900.

Component 2: Formal Research Immersion Courses (3 Credit Hours)

This component of the UGRIP program involves active engagement in research offered in existing undergraduate research related or directed research courses. UGRIP students must complete 3 credit hours of directed undergraduate research courses during their sophomore though senior years.    

Component 2 course list:

BIOS 4910 Biological internship
BIOS 4930 Topics in biological sciences
BIOS 4940 Undergraduate research
BIOS 4940H Honors research
BIOS 4941 Senior research and thesis
BIOS 4570 Animal systematics
GEOG 4660 Principles of remote sensing
GEOG 4730 Principles of GIS
GEOG 4800 Senior seminar
GEOG 4900 Special topics in geography
GEOG 4910 Geography internship
GEOG 4930 Independent study
GEOG 4990H Honors in geography
GEOL 4910 Field Camp I
GEOL 4760 Subsurface methods
GEOL 4811 Groundwater flow modeling
GEOL 4900 Seminar in geology
GEOL 4901 Geologic studies
GEOL 3910 Geology internship
GEOL 4940 Senior thesis
PBIO 3935H Thesis development
PBIO 4090 Plant systematics
PBIO 4945H Senior thesis
PBIO 4850 Capstone in plant biology
PBIO 4910 Plant biology internship
PBIO 4940 Undergraduate research



Contact Professor Willem Roosenburg at roosenbu@ohio.edu or 740.593.9669.
Life Sciences Building, Room 247