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Medical Laboratory Science or Medical Technology Specialization

Students majoring in any of the Biological Sciences major tracks may choose to advance into a career of Clinical Laboratory Science. Microbiology majors are especially prepared to advance in this field.

Suggested courses to complete in preparation for application to accredited ASCP certifying programs are:

  • Microbiology (BIOS 3210)
  • Immunology (BIOS 4860)
  • Physiology (BIOS 3430 and 3435 or other)
  • Clinical Laboratory Observation (BIOS 3910)

Acceptance to an accredited program and a year spent in a licensed clinical facility qualifies a student to take the American Society of Clinical Pathologists registry exam to become an officially registered medical technologist.

Ohio University students with a B.S. in Biological Sciences have applied to and attended various accredited programs in Ohio and in the surrounding areas such as Cleveland Clinic, Akron Cooperative, Wright State, University of Cincinnati and St. Vincent's in Erie, PA.

The job market is excellent, and the salaries are equivalent to B.S. registered nurses.

Students are strongly urged to see clinical laboratory faculty adviser Stephanie Miller during their sophomore year if they are interested in this program.