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Curriculum and Program Structure

Dual-Degree Programs

Curriculum and Program Structure

The curriculum of the D.O./M.B.A. program is rigorously grounded in fundamental management concepts including strategy, analytics, finance, marketing, and operations, as well as in the core science disciplines of medicine, such as anatomy, biochemistry, genetics, physiology and related studies. Further, the D.O./M.B.A. is designed as an integrated curriculum, rather than simply a sequence of M.B.A. classes added to the standard medical education. Students receive both degrees upon satisfactory completion of all five year requirements.

Students in the D.O./M.B.A. program at Ohio University have the advantage of participating in an international business project. This unique experience builds team skills in a cross-cultural environment and increases awareness of economic and political issues and realities on a global scale. This is invaluable experience for medical students in the modern global marketplace, whether pursuing a career as a clinician, in health care systems, or as a consultant in a related field.

For information on the curriculum of the M.B.A. program, visit the College of Business full-time MBA website.

Matriculation into the D.O./M.B.A. program obligates the student to follow all regulations and policies of the Heritage College and the College of Business.

The D.O./M.B.A. program requires five years to complete.

Students enrolled in the D.O./M.B.A. program complete their first two years of medical school and take level 1 of COMLEX (Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination). During year 3 they complete their MBA course work (36 credit hours) and initiate a research project while maintaining their clinical skills through periodic community and clinical experiences. During the summer of that year (year 3), students participate in an international business project. During year 4, students fulfill clinical training requirements and take level 2 of the COMLEX. In year 5, students complete clinical rotations and fulfill a capstone project at the interface of business and health, under the supervision of both a D.O./M.B.A. mentor and a College of Business faculty member.

Application Process

Students wishing to participate in the dual degree D.O./M.B.A. must submit their application by Jan. 15 of their first year in medical school.

D.O./M.B.A. Program Application

Applications are reviewed by faculty from both colleges. Candidates seeking admission are evaluated based on academic and personal accomplishments, emphasizing demonstrated leadership, managerial potential, motivation and capacity to pursue a rigorous management graduate program. Professional development, diversity of background and outside interests, depth of self-appraisal and commitment are especially valued. Students will be notified of their application status in March.

Upon acceptance to the dual degree, admission to the M.B.A. will be deferred until completion of the second year of medicine, and will be contingent upon remaining in good academic standing while in medical school. Accepted students will meet with the director of the Office of Advanced Studies to create an individualized development plan for their dual degree program.



The D.O./M.B.A. program guidelines are continuously updated and are subject to change based on university or program recommendations and policy requirements.