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Student Osteopathic Internal Medicine Association

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Our Mission

The mission of the Internal Medicine Club is to provide information and education to its members on the large and diverse fields of internal medicine. Branches of internal medicine include allergy and immunology, cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, general internal medicine, hepatology, hematology, hospitalist, infectious disease, nephrology, oncology, pulmonary and rheumatology. We also hope to strengthen interest in the field of internal medicine by increasing exposure. Throughout the year, we will bring in clinicians and other lecturers to speak on internal medicine and provide case studies, participate in skills workshops (including ultrasound) and provide opportunities to interact with residents and internal medicine faculty. 


Officers, 2021-2022


Joe Miller                               


Ravitej Atluri

Vice President

Jason Melillo


Dylan McDowell

Dues: $20 annually

Services Provided

We will facilitate philanthropic events in the community in line with volunteering at local free clinics, developing a care pipeline with the homeless community and area physicians, and various other volunteer activities based on club member interests. We are currently looking for events to better the community around the college. Our group in the past has worked with the MidOhio Food Bank and the Dublin ACT Coalition. Finally, we want to develop relationships with area physicians that will prepare Heritage College students to provide high-quality care in the central Ohio community.  

Tentative Schedule

  • Aug 13 - Meeting with exec and advisor to finalize plans
  • Sept 17 - Meeting with advisor to explain club and goals for upcoming year (all members to generate excitement)
  • Oct 13 - Heme/ONC panel with family med
  • Oct 26 - Med Peds with NCH 
  • Month of October - Volunteer opportunity and letters to chronic patients
  • Nov 16 - GI lecture
  • Dec 2 - Pulm/Crit care with OhioHealth
  • Early December - Ultrasound lab (if allowed in person)
  • Late January - Fundraiser, internist for a day and EKG lab
  • February 17 - Cardio lecture
  • February 21 - Collaborative event with Psych/Neuro
  • Early February - Intubation/central/arterial line lab (if allowed in person)
  • Mid February - Send out exec application email
  • Early Feb - Internist lecture
  • Late Feb - Application process with fourth-year students for second-year IM members
  • Late Feb - Begin transition with exec 2022
  • Late March - EKG review with riverside residents

Financing will be through dues and funds accumulated in the past, if needed.