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Christian Medical and Dental Association

Student Organizations Dublin

Our Mission

The Heritage College, Dublin, CMDA exists to honor Jesus through:

· Spiritual encouragement and prayer for our class, faculty and staff.

· Facilitating mentoring connections with students of different years and with area physicians.

· Serving our community with compassionate, holistic care. Developing competence in interprofessional teamwork, ethically grounded practice and spiritual wellness.

Officers, 2021-2022


Eurella Vest

Vice President

Connor Davis


Sofiya Lozovskiy 


Nichols Pennza


Maureen Kollar, D.O.

Dues: $10 annually

Services Provided

CMDA at the Heritage College, Dublin, partners with various organizations in the Columbus area, which promotes community wellness. CMDA partners with Dublin Food Bank and LSS Choices.

Tentative Schedule for 2021-2022

During 2021-2022 school year, CMDA plans to

- Host Bible Studies/fellowships 2x a week

- Organize 1-2 volunteering events for CMDA students to participate in together