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OBI Training

OBI Reference Guides and Videos

There are two eLearning courses available through the Professional Development Pathways to learn about using OBI: OBI Navigation covers basic OBI functionality and OBI Fundamentals reviews the primary pages on the Finance Dashboard.

To register for these courses, go to courses on the Professional Development Pathways website.

OBI Functionality Reference Materials Format Last Update
OBI General Functionality PDF 11/02/2023
FMS Reports to OBI Dashboards PDF 01/04/2018


Finance Dashboard Format Last Update
Segment Lookup PDF 12/11/2017
Cost Center Lookup PDF 10/14/2020
Employee Lookup    
FARM Approvers PDF 07/07/2020
Conversion Lookup PDF 12/11/2017
GL Funds Available PDF 08/25/2019
Transaction Export PDF 08/25/2019
Income Statement by Org Level PDF 12/11/2017
Monthly Income Statement by Org Level PDF 12/11/2017
Balance Sheet PDF 04/01/2019
Legacy Transaction Export PDF 05/02/2018
Grants Funds Available PDF 09/26/2019
Expenditure Inquiry PDF 10/14/2020
Summary Reports PDF 12/05/2017
Grants Installment Status PDF 04/20/2018
IDC Reporting (three tabs) PDF 11/01/2018
Effort Reporting PDF 09/20/2018
Grants and Internal Awards for Faculty View PDF 03/20/2018
PO Summary PDF 12/11/2017
Payments PDF 09/01/2017
Concur Defaults PDF 09/23/2019
Equipment Inventory   06/03/2019


Human Resources Dashboard Format Last Update
Employee Lookup PDF 01/27/2021
Absence Management PDF 07/21/2020
Appointment Information and Costing PDF 07/21/2020
Base Salary Listing PDF 11/08/2019
Payroll Detail PDF 11/08/2019
Payroll Forecasting PDF 11/08/2019
List and Explanation of Human Resources Reports PDF  
Finance & HR Systems Access Dashboard PDF 01/27/2021