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Course Description Learning Objectives
Interviewing: Doing it Right None 1 hour eLearn Register

This course will present strategies for exercising sound judgment in the hiring and interviewing process. It will help managers and supervisors recognize and avoid discrimination in the recruitment process.

  • Identify an example of having properly prepared for an interview
  • Identify the types of questions used to gain insight into the applicant
  • Identify guidelines for conducting a productive interview
  • Identify the qualities to assess in determining a good candidate for hire
EEO and Lawful Hiring (Skillsoft) None 1 hour eLearn Register

In this course, participants learn about the Equal Employment Opportunity laws that guide OHIO's recruitment efforts and aid them in carrying out hiring practices that are fair and lawful.

  • Identify examples of employment actions that are prohibited by Equal Employment Opportunity laws
  • Recognize precise definitions of key EEO terms
  • Recognize and define EEO requirements and terminology
Human Resources Overview None 1 hour eLearn Register

Provides an overview of key functions, activities and services within the University Human Resources department including who to contact for support and where to go for more information.

  • Define various UHR service offerings
  • Identify who to contact for additional assistance
  • Locate commonly needed HR forms
  • Become familiar with location of HR policies
  • Develop awareness of various UHR systems you may use
  • Gain an overview of the UHR legal framework
Leaves of Absence None 1 hour eLearn Register

Provides an overview of various Leaves of Absence and the processes to request, obtain approval for, and administer leaves in a compliant manner in accordance with Ohio University Policies. Participants will understand available leaves and where related policies and resources can be located for future reference.

  • Identify what leaves are available for faculty and staff
  • Identify the provisions afforded for each leave
  • Locate policies, resources, and point of contact to manage each type of leave
Preventing Violence & Bullying in the Workplace (Skillsoft) None 1 hour eLearn Register This course offers strategies for preventing the escalation of conflict, identifies circumstances that can possibly trigger violence in the workplace, and provides guidance on what to do if you find yourself in potentially violent situations.
  • Identify situations and behaviors that would be considered workplace violence
  • Recognize early warning signs of the potential for violent behavior
  • Identify how to respond appropriately when confronted by an aggressor in the workplace
  • Identify how to recognize, respond to, and prevent violence in the workplace
Diversity Advocate Workshop None 1.5 hours Instructor Led Register

This interactive workshop provides participants with an opportunity to combine the knowledge gained from OHIO Search Committee Training with evidence-based bystander intervention techniques. The aim of this workshop is to ensure that participants are comfortable intervening in, leading, or supporting conversations surrounding diversity and inclusion throughout search processes.

This course’s learning objectives represent the skills that participants will practice in this workshop and then use to support OHIO’s Search Committee process, and thus it is strongly encouraged that participants have attended OHIO Search Committee Training within the past six months, but the workshop is open to all interested.

  • Redirect when offered protected information;​
  • Amplify underappreciated voices in the committee;​
  • Recognize and counter when someone is operating in bias;​
  • Advocate for process steps designed to reduce the impact of bias.
Booking Group Travel None 1 hour eLearn Register

This course shows users how to book group travel with the University’s travel management company and how to use preferred provider(s). Topics include airfare, lodging, meals, transportation, expense reimbursement, international travel, and meeting space.

  • Define who Christopherson Business Travel is and why to utilize them.
  • Determine how to request flights, ground transportation, and hotels for group travel and events.
  • Determine what to do if you have an issue.
Distributed Journal Entries I: Preparation Chart of Accounts Fundamentals 1 hour eLearn Register

This course shows users how to download and fill out an Excel Journal Entry Template.  It also reviews pertinent areas of the Chart of Accounts. This course is available to everyone responsible for journal entry preparation. CFAO permission is not required for this course.

  • Define Distributed Journal Entry
  • Understand Roles
  • Identify the advantages of using Journal Entries at OHIO
  • Know important Chart of Account Concepts 
  • Learn key terms, concepts, and determine correct Journal Category and Descriptions
  • Recognize when it is appropriate to complete a Journal Entry
  • Learn how to populate an Excel Journal Entry Template
  • Understand Rules and Guidelines for Journal Entries 
Distributed Journal Entries II: Processors Distributed Journal Entries I: Preparation 1 hour eLearn Register

This course demonstrates the Distributed Journal Entries process that allows campus users to prepare and upload journal entries to Oracle Ebiz.  By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully upload a journal entry to Oracle Ebiz and monitor the import and posting process.

  • Log In
  • Download the Excel Journal Entry Template 
  • Stage Journals 
  • Delete or Edit and Revalidate Journals
  • Upload Journals
  • Monitor Journal Status
  • Search Journals
  • Follow Rules and Guidelines
Cost Share Grants Accounting Fundamentals 1 hour eLearn Register

This course provides an overview of the types of cost share, how cost share is tracked and reported, monitoring cost share, and Planning Unit responsibilities for cost share.

  • Define Cost Share
  • Recognize the Impact of Cost Sharing
  • Differentiate between Allowable and Unallowable Cost Share
  • Document and Account for Cost Share
  • Identify Requirements for Reporting Cost Share
Booking Individual Travel None 1 to 1.5  hours eLearn Register

This course provides an introduction to the University travel provider, Christopherson Business Travel and how to leverage their services. This course includes the following topics: How to book and pay for airfare, ground transportation, lodging in Concur and through and a travel agent and highlights of the University travel policy and procedures.

  • Demonstrate how to book flights, ground transportation and lodging
  • Define Christohperson Business Travel services and how to work with them
  • Determine what to do if you have a travel issue
  • Review travel policy and procedures
Travel Policy and Procedures None 1 hour eLearn Register

This course provides a detailed look at the Ohio University travel policy and procedures.  This course will cover policy overview, transportation, lodging, meals and incidentals, receipt requirements, cash advances, as well as other compliance related topics. 

  • Interpret/translate University travel policy into daily best practices.
  • Define traveler responsibilities.
  • Define documentation requirements.
Concur Expense Reporting None 1 hour eLearn Register

This course provides an overview of navigating and using Concur. This course includes the following topics: setting up and managing the user profile, setting Delegates and Proxies, alerts and itineraries, creating reports, costing, per diems, and an overview of Approver structure. 

  • Define the substantiation requirements. 
  • Use Concur to substantiate and submit travel, University card, and cash reimbursement transactions. 
  • Describe the process from submission to approval through payment.
  • Determine appropriate usage for delegates. 
  • Set up a delegate in Concur. 
Oracle Business Intelligence Reporting Fundamentals OBI Navigation, Chart of Accounts Fundamentals 2 hours eLearn Register

This course will review the dashboard pages contained on the Finance dashboard (available to all faculty and staff).  The course will focus on reviewing prompts available for selecting data; segment value hierarchies utilized in the dashboard prompts; and understanding the drilldown options available from each page.  This course will provide information about the purpose of each dashboard page and how to use the various pages most effectively.  While most dashboard pages ultimately end up displaying transaction details, we’ll discuss which page gets you to your information most efficiently.  Participants should be familiar with pivot tables and vlookups in Excel prior to attending. An OBI Navigation video is required pre-work.

  • Explain the benefits of the Finance Dashboard
  • Recognize Chart of Accounts (COA) structure and hierarchies in reporting
  • Differentiate the purposes and uses of the Finance Dashboard’s pages
  • Locate online help resources
BobcatBUY Fundamentals None 1 hour eLearn Register

Overview of the standard purchasing process, navigation of the BobcatBUY e-procurement system, and basic functionality for the shopper/requestor/approver roles. Topics include: basic search, creating and modifying carts, setting up default accounting codes and shipping locations, setting notifications, shopping in catalogs, making non-catalog purchases with an existing supplier, and submitting requisitions and workflow.

  • Log in to BobcatBUY
  • Navigate the main page
  • Set up your user profile
  • Shop and manage cart for catalog and non-catalog items
  • Search for documents and suppliers


Grants Accounting Fundamentals Chart of Accounts Fundamentals 2 hours Instructor-Led Register Grants Accounting Fundamentals provides a more in-depth look at Grants Accounting. Grants Accounting is a sub-ledger of the General Ledger (GL). Grants Accounting utilizes Project-Task-Award (PTA). Topics include Grants Accounting Module and how it is used, PTA segment values, understanding dates, allowed cost schedules, and auto-accounting to the GL.
  • Identify the purpose and uses of the Oracle Grants Accounting Module
  • Examine the Project-Task-Award (PTA) structure
  • Determine which segments summarize from Grants to the GL
  • Determine the impact of dates and cost schedules on transactions
  • Utilize the Account Validation Tool
  • Complete a cost transfer
Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) Navigation None 20 minutes eLearn Register

The Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) Navigation eLearning course is a self-study course that will introduce users to the basics of OBI Reporting.  In this course, you will learn how to select prompts, save customizations, export and print reports and dashboards, as well as drilling down on specific information and changing the report view in the search results. 

  • Identify navigation best practices when using Oracle Business Intelligence
  • Define what a customization is and how to use customizations
  • Define various reporting prompt options and how to use them
  • Practice creating a dashboard report

Search Committee: Preparing for the Search


2 Hours eLearn


This course is geared towards search committee chairs and department heads. The training focuses on establishing inclusive search committees, writing inclusive job descriptions, and creating inclusive recruitment plans as well as understanding the impact of bias in these early stages of the search process.

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Understand and discuss the impact of implicit bias in early stages of a search
  • Establish and lead inclusive search committees
  • Write inclusive and robust job descriptions and recruitment plans

Search Committee: Candidate Evaluation and Selection


2 Hours Instructor-Led


This course is geared towards search committee chairs and members, focuses on inclusive candidate evaluation and selection processes, and discusses the impact of bias during these later stages of the search process.

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Understand and discuss the impact of implicit bias in candidate screening, evaluation, and selection
  • Host inclusive, compliant, and consistent candidate experiences
  • Standardize candidate evaluation to combat bias

Performance Management: Foundations and Goal Setting


1 Hour eLearn


This course is designed for supervisors at OHIO and includes an overview of the performance management cycle at OHIO, distinguishes between employee and supervisor responsibilities in the process, and provides information about the construction of written goals and objectives.
  • Identify the reasons why performance management is used at Ohio University.
  • Distinguish both supervisor and employee performance management roles.
  • Recognize the stages of the Performance Management Cycle.
  • Identify elements of SMART goals and write goals that align with broader departmental objectives.
  • Describe the components that are needed to support ongoing performance objectives.
  • Complete the Ohio University Performance Evaluation form.

Performance Management: Coaching and Feedback


2 Hours Instructor-led


This course is designed for supervisors at OHIO and focuses on coaching and feedback. This course works to demonstrate effective communication elements and how to drive open and honest performance conversations between employees and supervisors. NOTE: It is recommended that you take "Performance Management: Foundations and Goal Setting" course before participating in this course.
  • Determine effective coaching behaviors and applications
  • Demonstrate effective communication and drive honest and open performance conversations
  • Give examples of ways to provide continuous dialogue

Performance Management: Formal Evaluation and Recognition


2 Hours Instructor-Led

Registration will become
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This course is designed for supervisors at OHIO and outlines an equitable performance management system; assists employees and supervisors on how to best prepare and deliver high-quality, written evaluations; and discusses performance motivation, rewards, and recognition. NOTE: It is recommended that you take "Performance Management: Coaching and Feedback" course before participating in this course.
  • Determine which behaviors allow for an equitable performance management system
  • Demonstrate behaviors needed to prepare and deliver written evaluations
  • Identify performance rewards and the performance improvement process

Performance Management for Non-Supervisors


1.5 Hours Instructor-Led


This course is designed for staff members that do not supervise or manage others. Participants will learn about OHIO’s Performance Management System and understand the roles that supervisors and employees play in the process.  

Individual Compensation Distribution (ICD)


1.5 Hours Instructor-Led

Registration will become
available once training dates
are scheduled. Please check

The Individual Compensation Distribution training covers how to set up and maintain contracts and awards in the Individual Compensation Distribution module within Oracle.


By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Define ICD and how it is used at Ohio University.
  • Determine how to initiate an ICD contract.
  • Describe the approval process for ICD contracts.
  • Describe new contract types and where to find reference materials.
  • Define Payroll calendar dates and where to find them.
Cash Handling & Credit Card Security Awareness None 2 Hours eLearn Register Provides an overview of the cash handling responsibilities for: collecting cash, checks, and credit cards; required safeguards and internal controls; understanding responsibilities for PCI compliance; required training & certification.

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Examine the principles of effective cash handling
  • Identify Risks and Internal Controls
  • Recognize counterfeit currency
  • Review Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Requirements
  • Apply guidelines as an OHIO merchant or OHIO employee handling payment card information
  • Demonstrate Best Practices
  • Identify potential penalties for non-compliance
Chart of Accounts Fundamentals None 4 Hours Instructor-Led Register Provides an overview of the Chart of Accounts (CoA) which provides the structure for all financial and management related reporting.  Specific topics include General Ledger (GL) CoA, Grants CoA, segment values, object codes, functions, hierarchy, creating new values, and tools.

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Define concepts and terms of the Chart of Accounts
  • Describe the General Ledger and Grants Account Structures
  • Describe Hierarchies within segments
  • Determine where to find and how to use tools for the Chart of Accounts
Internal Awards Chart of Accounts Fundamentals, Grants Accounting Fundamentals 3.5 Hours Instructor Led Registration by invitation only Shows authorized users how to establish Internal Awards using the Grants Accounting system. Topics include set-up of Project-Task, set-up of Award, funding & budgeting, reporting, and closeout of internal awards. Participants must have Planning Unit authorization to establish Internal Awards prior to attending this course. Watching an Oracle Navigation Tutorial is required pre-work for this course.

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Define Project-Task-Award
  • Login and Navigate Oracle
  • Search for an existing Project
  • Create a Project
  • Create Task(s)
  • Add an Award
  • Establish Funding and Budget
  • Describe Closeout of Internal Awards