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Documenting Travel Expenses

All employee travel expenses are documented through Concur Travel and Expense. The Concur report will generate a reimbursement for any cash transactions.

  • Reports documenting travel should follow the naming convention to begin with TR.
  • We recommend the remaining part of the name to be as follows:
    • First 4 letters of the traveler’s last name
    • Date with 4-digit year (first date of travel, transaction date, oldest transaction date if multiple dates) e.g. TRSMIT04262024.
  • If you are submitting multiple reports for the same trip, please use the same report name and add letters A, B, C, etc. to the end. DO NOT wait on all charges for the travel to hit your Concur account, causing late transactions within policy.
  • Include all expenses, whether paid via a University credit card or by the traveler that need reimbursed. 

General substantiation

Any non-lodging travel expense of $75 or more requires a receipt to be attached to your travel expense report. Examples of expenses that do not require a receipt if they are under $75 include taxis, trains, subways, baggage fees, agent booking fees, parking.

All other University card transactions requires a receipt. The cardholder/traveler will be required to reimburse any transactions not properly substantiated with a receipt.

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A receipt must include the vendor name, the date of the transaction, what was purchased or paid for, an itemization of expenses, and the total paid including tips if applicable.

Conference and meeting travel must include an agenda, itinerary or similar document detailing the dates and location of the event, the business conducted or topic, meals provided and any other pertinent information.

Remember that each report in Concur must stand alone. If you have more than one report that pertains to a particular trip that information should be provided with each report. Itineraries are not required to be attached to the airline ticket for travel but all reports documenting the actual must include this supporting documentation.

Reimbursements for out-of-pocket travel expenses are processed through Concur on TR reports. Reports are processed daily in Finance once departmental approvals have been obtained.

Travel expense reports must be submitted to your approver within 15 days of return from travel. If you extend your trip for personal travel, you have 15 days from the end of the business portion of the trip to submit your report in Concur for all business expenses. Failure to timely substantiate your travel expenses creates a risk to our accountable plan, which allows us to reimburse/pay for expenses for our employees on a non-taxable basis.