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Confidential Shredding Service

Use the resource below to set up or modify your confidential shredding service for your planning unit.  

Shred-It is our preferred supplier for recurring and on-demand purging services.  They have different bin sizes available and offer both onsite and offsite shredding, on different pickup schedules.  Please click on the arrow below to expand the various sections of the page.

Confidential Shredding Service Options

Recurring Service: If you need a permanent bin placement, establishing recurring service is REQUIRED. Recurring service selections provided below

On-demand/Purge: Departments may request on-demand or purge services. A Temporary Large tote (96 Gallon) can be requested for this service. Departments may also choose to purge documents stored in boxes (department must provide own boxes).

Please note: Shred-it will NOT be providing destruction services for digital media (computers, phones, USBs, CDs, etc). For this service, please consult our University policies and standards for securely destroying data and contact OIT for questions related to secure digital media destruction.

Recurring Service –Selection of Bin Type

Select a Bin Type:

Bin Types: Standard Console - 36 inch; Mini Console - 24 inch; Large Tote - 96 Gallon
Recurring Service – Selection of Location Vendor performs Shredding Service

Select location vendor will perform shredding service

Onsite Offsite
  • More expensive 
  • Less Expensive
  • Required by OHIO HIPAA standards
  • May be required for other confidential records  

Costing impact: Please see the cost projection spreadsheet.


Recurring Service - Selection of Pickup Frequency

1 pickup per X weeks

  • 1 Week
  • 4 Weeks (~Monthly)
  • 8 Weeks (~Every other Month)
  • 12 Weeks (~Quarterly)
Service Request Process
Confidential Shredding Process (see Steps for flowchart narrative.)

Steps to initiate a new or revised service:

Step 1: Customer consults resources on the Procurement website, including the service options, recurring service selections, costing spreadsheet, and service request form. Customer may email message Vendor Account Rep or University Service Owner with questions not answered by website resources

Step 2: Customer creates a service cost estimate using service cost projection spreadsheet from the website

Step 3: Customer creates a PO requisition using Services Agreement Form (note: using Services Agreement PO because blanket POs auto-close at end of fiscal year)

Step 4: PO requisition approved by Procurement and PO created

Step 5: Customer submits a Service Request Form, which requires a PO#

Step 6: A system-generated "Service Request Submitted" email is sent to Procurement and the Vendor Account Rep

Step 7: Vendor Account Rep initiates new/modified service, emails Customer questions or FYI