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Personal and Family Travel

Spousal or Family Travel / Expenses

Spousal travel / expenses requires a business purpose and must be pre-approved by the Planning Unit Head. This approval process will be developed by the Planning Unit Head but must provide documentation to be attached to the Concur report.

Booking Business and Personal Travel as one trip

When booking airline tickets combining personal and business, CBT can do split payments if issuing separate tickets on two or more different airlines. Please note that airfare may be higher if splitting tickets and additional service fees may apply. Any other exceptions will need to receive an exception approval through to pay for the airline ticket with a personal card and be reimbursed. This exception must be requested prior to booking the airfare and reimbursement will not be processed until after travel has occurred. Please note that without a prior exception, requests for airline reimbursement may be denied.

Note: CBT does not control whether an airline will allow split payments - that decision is with the airlines. But where CBT can do this, they will work with you when possible.

Booking Personal Travel

You will be able to book personal travel through CBT in order to access contracted rates. You will need to enter a personal credit card for payment.

Personal Transactions in Concur

OHIO Policy #55.070 prohibits personal use of University PCards. Repeat violations may result in your card being permanently closed. Once closed, a card will not be reinstated.

If a transaction is found to be personal in nature, the following process should be followed.

  1. The check-box titled “Personal Expense (do not reimburse)” should be checked. The system will change the object code to 718355. Object Code 718350 is only used for disputed or fraudulent transactions or those due from a third party.
  2. The cardholder must refund the personal amount unless sufficient per diem or reimbursement amounts are due to the cardholder on the same report to cover the personal amount. Complete the PCard Refund Form located at The refund must be posted to the same accounting string as the charge, using the 718355 object code. (Note that marking a transaction or portion of a transaction “personal”, converts that transaction or portion to the accounting string listed on the report header. Also note, personal purchases should not be charged to a grant account. Place the refund information in the comments section of Concur to provide an audit trail. Include the refund form and the refund deposit receipt with the other report receipts.)
    1. If the funds charged were operating, the refund is taken to the cashier’s office in Chubb Hall with a completed Refund Form
    2. If the funds charged were Foundation, the refund must be taken to the Foundation Office in WUSOC with the completed refund form.
  3. Once the personal amount has been refunded, scan the receipt of deposit into Concur with the report receipts.
  4. Submit the report for processing.
  5. If a processor in Finance finds a transaction marked personal and there is no deposit receipt scanned into Concur, the report will be returned to the cardholder with the notification that proof of reimbursement must be scanned into Concur prior to processing reports.
  6. Departments will be responsible for correcting any accounting errors on personal transactions.