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Personal and Family Travel

Spousal or Family Travel / Expenses

Spousal travel / expenses requires a business purpose and must be pre-approved by the Planning Unit Head. This approval process will be developed by the Planning Unit Head but must provide documentation to be attached to the Concur report.

Booking Business and Personal Travel as one trip

When booking airline tickets combining personal and business, CBT can do split payments if issuing separate tickets on two or more different airlines. Please note that airfare may be higher if splitting tickets and additional service fees may apply. Any other exceptions will need to receive an exception approval through to pay for the airline ticket with a personal card and be reimbursed. This exception must be requested prior to booking the airfare and reimbursement will not be processed until after travel has occurred. Please note that without a prior exception, requests for airline reimbursement may be denied.

Note: CBT does not control whether an airline will allow split payments - that decision is with the airlines. But where CBT can do this, they will work with you when possible.