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Contract Services

Ohio University contracting processes focus on protecting University interests in the creation and execution of agreements that are consistent and compliant with planning unit needs, University policies, and state and federal laws. In all purchases for goods and services at Ohio University, competitive bid requirements must be met (University Policy No. 55.007) and institutional Signature Authority is required. Finally, any University contract terms and conditions must be in compliance with Ohio Revised Code Section 9.27.

For most tangible goods purchases, the only tool needed is the Purchase Order which serves as a contract as it contains the University's Terms and Conditions [PDF]. Contracts are typically required for:

  • services on-site and off-site
  • made-to-order goods
  • all leases/rentals (vehicles, facilities, real estate, equipment)
  • software
  • group events/catering
  • group lodging
  • charters

For simplicity, Contract Services has a contract template that can be executed for certain low risk services and can be signed by the Planning Unit CFAO. This form is:

  • Short Form Services Agreement

When to engage Contract Services:

  • a template cannot be used
  • a supplier has provided their contract
  • a quote has terms attached
  • a quote requires a University signature

If any of the above situations apply, contact Contract Services to review your document before any service work is performed for the University.

Credit References

If a supplier asks a department to complete a Credit Application during the purchasing process, employees may send suppliers Ohio University's Standard Credit Application Response [PDF] employees instead. If a supplier requests more information, please contact Contract Services at


OHIO employees should check the Weekly Supplier Insurance Status [Excel] to ensure that your supplier has provided us with insurance documentation. We are unable to pay a supplier unless they have complied with State of Ohio and University insurance requirements. The Contract and Insurance Matrix gives an overview of which suppliers need insurance based on the type of good or service being purchased. For more information regarding University insurance requirements, please see  Risk Management Insurance Guidelines.