Bid Opportunities

A list of basic requirements for University construction and repair work for those interested in our bid opportunities is available on our Contractor Checklist. With those requirements in mind, most of our construction projects will be listed with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC). Once on their opportunities page, our listings can be found by navigating to the Qualifications-based RFQs or Best Value Selection RFQs/RFPs tab and searching for "Ohio University."

Projects with a shorter time frame will have their solicitations listed below. Please check regularly for new opportunities.

Current Solicitations
Bid Number Project Name and Details (PDF) Bid Date


Bid Tabulations
Bid Number Project Name and Details (PDF) Bid Date Apparent Low Bidder Contract Awarded to
17843-001 Aquatic Center Roof Replacement 2021 08/26/2021 Kalkreuth Roofing and Sheet Metal  
17545-002 Grosvenor Hall Elevator Replacement 2021 - Rebid 08/24/2021 WAI Construction Group, LLC  
17545-001 Grosvenor Hall Elevator Replacement 2021 07/08/2021 Unsuccessful Bid Unsuccessful Bid
17751-001 Bush Airport Apron Rehabilitation 2021 06/21/2021    
15627-001 Russ Research Opportunity Center 06/10/2021 Barton Malow Company Barton Malow Company
15750-001 Grosvenor Hall Administrative Relocation Renovation 2019 06/02/2021 Elford, Inc. Elford, Inc.
15905-002 REBID - Porter and Lindley Halls Window Replacement 2019 05/19/2021 S&L Specialty Contracting, Inc. S&L Specialty Contracting, Inc.
15446-003 REBID - Alden Library Air Handlers 3 and 4 Replacement 2019 04/27/2021 A.J. Stockmesiter, Inc. A.J. Stockmesiter
16893-001 Porter Hall Elevator 2020 01/27/2021 WAI Construction Group, LLC WAI Construction Group, LLC
16082-001 OUE Health & Physical Education Center Roof 01/19/2021 Ramp Construction Company, Inc. Ramp Construction Company, Inc.
REBID 15446-002 Alden Library Air Handler Replacement Upgrades 11/17/2020 Sauer Group, Inc. Unsuccessful Bid
16976 Alden Chilled Water Tie-In 2020 11/17/2020 Geiger Brothers, Inc. Geiger Brothers, Inc.
17417-001 Ridges Building 13 & 14 CoFA 3rd Floor Paint 10/22/2020 Gutknecht Construction Co. Gutknecht Construction Co.
16055-001 Innovation Center Infrastructure Upgrades 2019 09/29/2020 Gutknecht Construction Co. Gutknecht Construction Co.
16984 Grover Center Roof Replacement 2020 08/27/2020 Herold J. Becker Company, Inc. Herold J. Becker Company, Inc.
REBID 16768-002 Scripps Hall Ground Floor Esports Renovation 2020 08/13/2020 2K General Company 2K General Company
16457-001 OUD Medical Education Building 2 Renovation 2020 07/28/2020 2K General Company Pepper Construction