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Sport Coaching Certificate

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Program Code: CTSCCG  


With many millions of athletes in the United States, across a range of skill and age levels, numerous coaches are a necessity. Because of the significant role coaches play in sport and dance, it is crucial they are educated in a variety of areas to maximize the positive experience and development of athletes no matter the age or skill level.

The Graduate Certificate in Sport Coaching is an on-campus program that aims to develop students' knowledge of effective coaching methods and the principles that underpin them across the range of developmental coaching levels.  Students graduating from this program will be able to:

  • Identify skills and qualities associated with effective coaching
  • Analyze how different coaching methods affect the development of athletes across the range of learning domains
  • Apply knowledge of current research around best practices associated with coaching methods and skill acquisition

Lead, Inspire, Teach and Become a Better Coach

  • Stand out from the crowd by learning the key skills needed to enhance the experiences of your athletes and dance teams.
  • Graduate from one of the leading coaching education programs in the U.S.A.
  • Learn from internationally recognized coaching experts with over 50 years of combined years of experience in the industry.
  • Complete the program while working on another graduate degree at Ohio University.
  • Courses in this program can be used towards one of our Master's in Coaching Education Programs.

Admission Requirements

Prior admission to a graduate degree program at Ohio University.


Program of StudyCredit Hrs
Required Courses: (Complete Both) 
COED 6110 Foundations of Coaching I3
COED 5213 Dynamics of Skill Acquisition3
Electives: (Select One) 
COED 6140 Psychology of Coaching3
COED 6150 Injury Prevention & Risk Management3
COED 6170 Ethics and Diversity in Athletic Coaching3

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Ashley Allanson
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Recreation and Sport Pedagogy
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