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Ray Asik Stats Lab

The ASIK Stats Lab is sponsored by Raymond Asik. The Patton College of Education is appreciative of LFC Asik's support of students and faculty.  The ASIK Stats Lab is located on the 4th floor right off the elevator. It is managed by EDRE graduate students and directed by EDRE faculty.

United States Air Force (USAF) Lieutenant Colonel Raymond J. Asik (LTC), graduated from Ohio University in 1963 with a Bachelor of Science in Education. He majored in Mathematics and minored in Health and Physical Education. Asik was the first member of his Hungarian family to attend college. He also earned a Master's in Business Administration from Baldwin Wallace University and served the United States Air Force in Germany and Thailand for 26 years.

In addition to his service in the USAF, Asik worked for 10 years as the Director of Administration Systems at Oberlin College, where he taught computer programming.

Lab Mission and Guidelines

The Asik Lab's purpose is to promote sound statistical, research (qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods) methodology, and evaluation. The Asik Lab provides consulting services to university faculty and graduate students. Consulting projects are completed by EDRE graduate students under the supervision of EDRE faculty members.

  1. Our GAs support research activities; but we are not allowed to do the project (e.g., assignment, thesis, dissertation) for you.
  2. You are encouraged to make an appointment with our GAs ahead of time so we will be prepared to answer your questions promptly.
  3. Please come with specific and prepared questions together with relevant materials (i.e., laptop with the programs, and class notes).
  4. We are not obligated to allow students to use lab computers. Students with statistical analysis questions may use lab computers ONLY with the supervision of Lab GAs.
  5. We aim to serve you through a one-on-one session for 30 minutes to support class and research projects (e.g. dissertation, thesis) and up to 1 hour maximum ONLY if no one else is waiting for assistance. If you know you have similar questions with your classmates, a group appointment is encouraged.
Students in the Asik Stats Lab

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For more information, contact:

Yuchun Zhou
Program Coordinator,
Associate Professor 
Patton Hall 302G