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Professional Development Institute

Program Code:  ND8927


The Ohio University Patton College of Education is approved by ODHE as a provider of the Professional Development Institute which meets the requirements to advance the Alternative Resident Educator License to the Professional License. The Patton College Professional Development Institute program is offered in two phases (for a total of 15 credit hours). Students must apply to and complete both phases of the program. All courses in the program must be completed through Ohio University.  We cannot accept transfer courses or course substitutions.

Candidates who hold a bachelor's degree may seek an Alternative Resident Educator (RE) license by following the instructions listed on the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). 

Phase 1:

The first phase consists of four self-paced courses specifically designed for alternative licensure candidates who wish to advance the Alternate Resident Educator License to the Professional License. Candidates must register for these courses at the beginning of each semester and can work on them at their own pace. Candidates are encouraged, though not required, to complete the courses during one academic semester. Further, these courses cannot be used toward any Ohio University graduate program. As such, they carry a reduced workshop tuition rate.  You can complete the courses in this phase in any order during Fall or Spring Semester.

Professional Development Institute Curriculum   Credits
PCOE 5915 Student Development, Learning and Curriculum Development 3
PCOE 5916 Teaching Methodology 3
PCOE 5917 Classroom Management and Student Assessment 3
PCOE 5918 Reading: Foundations, Instruction, Diagnosis, Intervention, and Reading in the Content Areas 3

Phase 1 Tuition/Fees 

Phase 2:

The second phase covers the Ohio Department of Higher Education Phonics requirement. This course is an Ohio University graduate course that is eligible to be used toward a graduate degree and carries Ohio University's e-campus tuition rate. This course is only offered in the Summer II term. Moreover, because this course is offered to other Ohio University teacher education graduate students, it follows the academic calendar. In other words, this is not a self-paced course. Candidates should ensure they register by the Summer II semester deadline and ensure timely completion of the course. Keep mind that you cannot enroll in this course until you have completed Phase I courses.

Professional Development Institute Curriculum   Credits
EDTE 5270 Phonics and the Structure of Language 3

Phase 2 Tuition/Fees

(see Patton College of Education under Graduate Programs with Differential Tuition)


In order to apply to The Patton College of Education’s Professional Development Institute, applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree and must have completed either the Intensive Pedagogical Training Institute or the Alternative Resident Educator Institute. During the second year of teaching, Alternative Resident Educators must take the Ohio Assessment for Educators pedagogical test. All background checks must be current throughout the course of the program. For more information on requirements and steps to complete the Alternative Resident Educator program, please see the Ohio Department of Education’s website.

In order to complete the Professional Development Institute, prospective students will need to apply to Ohio University as a non-degree student using the program code ND8927.  You will be required to provide both of the following:

1. An official transcript from all universities attended. 

2. A copy of your teaching certificate with the license number.

Once admitted, you will receive a welcome letter from the Patton College of Education explaining how to activate your OHIO ID and enroll in your courses. 


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Questions about the application and enrollment process should be directed to Lisa S. Dael.