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Retail and Fashion Merchandising Minor


Retail Merchandising and Fashion Product Development


Retail and Fashion Merchandising is offered as both a major and a minor. Learn more about the major in Retail and Fashion Merchandising.

This program complements a variety of undergraduate majors where students are preparing to work with customers, consumer products, in retail endeavors, and in the fashion industry. 

This minor helps students interested in a career in fashion retail tailor their education to give them a competitive advantage over other graduates applying for the same positions.  Understanding the foundational components of apparel and fashion is important when working in this competitive and fast-paced industry.

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Who should complete this program?

  • Students in any major at Ohio University may enroll, there are no limitations.
  • Common majors who pursue the Retail Minor are:
    • Strategic Leadership and Management
    • Marketing
    • Journalism Strategic Communication
    • Communication Studies
    • Media Arts and Studies
    • Graphic Design
    • Entrepreneurship
    • VICO - Infographics/Publication Design
    • VICO - Commercial Photography
    • and many more...


  • Compliments a variety of undergraduate majors
  • Prepares students for career opportunities in:
    • Retail Management
    • Buying
    • Product Development
    • Merchandising
    • Visual Presentation
    • Quality Control
    • Wholesale Sales
    • Entrepreneurship
  • Provides a competitive edge during the career search

Deadlines and FAQ

  • There are no requirements beyond University Admission requirements
  • The minor can be added at the beginning of any semester or summer session
  • Students must take a minimum of 21 hours for the minor


The Retail and Fashion Merchandising minor requires a minimum of 21 credit hours.

  • Complete the following courses:

    • JOUR 2500: Introduction to Advertising and Public Relations, 3 credit hours

    • RFPD 2010: Introduction to Retailing, 3 credit hours

  • Complete one of the following:

    • MIS 2010: Introduction to Information Analysis and Design, 3 credit hours
      (Complete MIS 2010 only if College of Business major).

    • MIS 2011: Introduction to Information Analysis and Design (Nonmajor) 3 credit hours

  • Complete four of the following courses:

    • CONS 3100: Human Resources for Customer Service Professions, 3 credit hours

    • RFM 1100: Fashion and Culture, 3 credit hours

    • RFM 2150: Elementary Textiles, 3 credit hours

    • RFM 3830: Product Development, Evaluation, and Distribution, 3 credit hours

    • RFM 4070:  Global Issues in Textile, Apparel, and Retail Industries Credit Hours:

    • RFM 4230:  Retail Merchandising-Promotional Strategy, 3 credit hours

    • RFM 4300:  Fashion Buying and Assortment Planning, 3 credit hours

Facilities and Resources

The Retail and Fashion Merchandising program is housed in the newly renovated Patton Hall and includes:

  • The Schuyler Eaton Cone Textiles Laboratory
  • The Product Development Room
  • The Mary C. Doxsee Historic Clothing and Textiles Collection – the Collection encompasses items from the early 19th century through today.

Points of Pride

  • Study away opportunities

    Students can participate in learning about the retail industry through study away programs offered through the department. The program offers a trip to New York City to learn about various aspects of the industry through visits to a variety of retail businesses. A one-week trip to Florence, Italy is also available which gives the students the opportunity to learn about the retail industry in the fashion capital of the world. A wide variety of study away opportunities and connections are available through the university Office of Global Opportunities.

  • Student Organizations
    Our program offers a variety of student organizations to allow students to connect with each other and to network within their field. These organizations include Fashion Associates, AAFCS, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Professional Retail Leaders, National Retail Federation Student Association, and Variant Magazine.

For More Information

Lisa Williams
Program Coordinator
Associate Professor of Instruction
Patton Hall 121B