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Recreation, Sport Pedagogy, and Consumer Sciences Majors


Customer Service Minor

Customer Service Leadership (Online)

Program Code: BS6418
The online Customer Service Leadership major leads to a Bachelor of Applied Human and Consumer Sciences degree. The program equips students with the skills required to serve clients in a variety of settings. Graduates with a degree in Customer Service Leadership can work in areas such as online customer service support, billing services, financial services, office management, health care administration, hospitality, and retail industries. The courses are provided in an online format so that students can have the flexibility to work towards their degree in a time frame that works for them.


Horse in the Barn at Ohio University Southern

Equine Studies (Online)

Program Code: AA5017

Students can build the necessary skills to enter the vast and multi-faceted equine industry by completing the Associate in Equine Studies Program. Employers are seeking equestrian employees who have academic credentials and certifications. By enrolling online, students are increasing their technology skills and meeting the needs of the ever-expanding equine industry. In recent years, the equine industry has embraced technology in the areas of equipment development, pedigree and breeding tracking, barn management applications, advertising, equine sales, and many more. These are exciting developments for our students!


Family and Consumer Sciences

Family and Consumer Science Education

Program Code: BS6370 (Teacher Track)  or BS6375 (Community Leadership Track) 
In Family and Consumer Sciences Education, you can work as a teacher, an advocate, and a policymaker.   We teach you how to improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities.  The program offers two tracks: Teacher Education or Community Leadership. 


sport coaching children group

Health and Physical Education

Program Code: BS8179

The Health and Physical Education (HPE) is designed to prepare students to teach Pre-K through Grade 12 within school settings. Graduates of the HPE major will earn a Bachelor of Science degree (BSPE) and earn teaching certifications in both Health and Physical Education. 


Hospitality and Tourism Graduate Program

Hospitality Management (Online)

Program Code: BS6184
The online Hospitality Management major leads to a Bachelor of Applied Human and Consumer Sciences degree. The program provided engaging, yet, rigorous learning opportunities for the students. Courses are instructed by seasoned professors who bring subject matter expertise and years of experience. Each of our courses consists of a rich blend of learning activities intentionally designed to connect theory and practice.

Ping Center Climbing Wall

Outdoor Recreation and Education

Program Code: BS8176

This major is designed to prepare students for career opportunities in the field of outdoor recreation and education. The program blends traditional classroom and field-based learning opportunities to create a unique educational experience for students. Students develop foundational knowledge related to the discipline, technical proficiency in various outdoor adventure pursuits, expeditionary and wilderness travel experience, and programming, leadership and teaching ability that can be applied in a wide variety of professional settings. Students can earn a number of professional certifications and certificates through coursework in the program.


Soccer players being coached

Physical Activity and Sport Coaching

Program Code: BS8169

The Physical Activity and Sport Coaching (PASC) major is designed to be inclusive for students who aspire to pursue physical activity and sport coaching careers in a variety of settings and at various levels of specialization and competition, such as youth recreation and sports camps, interscholastic coaching or intercollegiate coaching.

Outdoor Recreation

Recreation Management

Program Code: BS8177

As the parks, recreation and leisure services industry continues to grow, there is a growing need for parks, recreation and leisure services professionals who can meet the leadership and management needs of agencies and organizations in the industry. The Recreation Management major is designed to prepare to pursue a variety of career opportunities in the field. Students majoring in Recreation Management must also earn a minor or certificate that complements their academic and career goals. Examples of complementary minors and certificates include: Festivals, Events & Entertainment Management; Outdoor Recreation & Education; Ecotourism; Coaching; Fine Arts related minors and certificates; and Business related minors and certificates.


Hospitality Management

Restaurant, Hotel, and Tourism

Program Code: BS6361
Hospitality is one of the world’s largest industries. The Restaurant, Hotel, and Tourism program at Ohio University can prepare you for a management position in this growing field. The hallmarks of our program include professors with extensive industry experience, state-of-the-art facilities, professional networking, and internships


Retail Merchandising and Fashion Product Development

Retail and Fashion Merchandising

Program Code: BS6384
Is your dream job in the fashion industry? Interested in product development? Merchandising? Buying or retail management? Start your career by studying Retail and Fashion Merchandising.


OU Soccer Coaching

Sport and Lifestyle Studies

Program Code: BS5512

The Sport and Lifestyle Studies program is a liberal arts degree offered through Ohio University’s Department of Recreation and Sport Pedagogy on the Eastern campus, Lancaster campus, and Zanesville campus. The interdisciplinary approach provides a foundation in understanding sport, recreation, and health/ wellness along with developing basic skills in leadership, problem-solving, communication and management. Through the choice of a required minor or certificate program, students can tailor the degree towards their personal interests, as well as their projected community needs, thus enhancing their potential to meet job market demands.