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Customer Service Leadership Minor

Customer Service Representatives on the phone

Program Code: OR6183

Customer Service Leadership provides a unique set of skills that will enhance many employment opportunities. Coursework can be applied to life and work experiences immediately. Customer Service Leadership is offered as both a major and a minor. Learn more about the major in Customer Service Leadership.


The customer service leadership minor provides a strong building block for many majors. Students work to enhance many soft skills that employers say are important in the workforce. The coursework provides practical ways to improve customer and employee relations.

Who Should Apply?

The CSL minor is a perfect fit of anyone who works with

  • Customers
  • Clients
  • Guests
  • Coworkers
  • Patients
  • Community Partners
  • Suppliers

Benefits and Career Opportunities

The CSL minor is a great compliment to any resume or major since Customer Service Leadership is one of the power skills employers want from their employees. This minor develops your customer service and leadership skills. You will learn about emotional intelligence, and empathy and emerge with a better understanding of those with whom you work or serve.

Career Opportunities Include:

  • Health care Administration
  • Online Customer Service Support


Minor Program Course Requirements

Complete the following five courses with an 2.0 overall GPA:

  • CONS 2500: Consumers in Global Communities Credit Hours: 3
  • CONS 3100: Human Resources for Customer Service Professions Credit Hours: 3
  • CONS 3250: Principles of Customer Service Credit Hours: 3
  • CONS 3890: Career Development for Service Professionals Credit Hours: 3
    OR RFPD 3890: Professional Career Search Strategies Credit Hours: 3
  • T3 4925: Leadership in Customer Service Credit Hours: 3

Points of Pride

  • This program boasts as one of the first customer Service degrees in the Nation.
  • Ohio University understands the important role that customer Service plays in all businesses and has designed a program that will enhance student's customer service skills. The program focuses on both the internal and external customer with applicable coursework that can be applied to a variety of employment.

For more information, contact:

Donnie Brown
Program Coordinator
Patton Hall 121M