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Patton College of Education Strategic Plan

McCracken Hall Dusk

The Patton College 2029 Strategic Plan 

A graphic showing the 4 focus areas of the Patton College Strategic Plan with one area in each pentagon as follows: Academic Excellence; Vibrant Outreach, Engagement and Partnerships; Exemplary Student-Center Services; and Rigorous, Influential Research


I. Academic Excellence

Achieve prominence by providing innovative, forward-thinking advances in teaching, curriculum development, research and creative activities, and service/outreach. Effectively develop and integrate learning experiences with immersion-based global and local learning that promote diverse cultures and perspectives. Capitalize on best practices in experiential education, continuing advances in technology, interdisciplinary discovery, shared responsibility for learning, and sophisticated use of data and feedback for continuous improvement.

Strategic Goal 1:

Develop and incorporate innovative local-global academic experiences that foster an appreciation for and deep understanding of other cultures and lifestyles, both international and closer to home.

Strategic Goal 2:

Bring diverse cultural perspectives into formal and informal learning environments.

Strategic Goal 3:

Revolutionize our disciplines by integrating current technology into our teaching, curriculum, research and creative activity, and service/outreach.

Strategic Goal 4:

Achieve national prominence and recognition as a College that leads in interdisciplinary, collaborative, and influential research and creative activities among faculty and students.

Strategic Goal 5:

Achieve excellence in experiential education.

Strategic Goal 6:

Understand and demonstrate a collective responsibility—faculty, administrators, and students—for the level of excellence achieved by our students and faculty.

Strategic Goal 7:

Use data and feedback to inform decisions and programmatic outcomes and to reach the leading edge of innovation in our disciplines.

II. Rigorous, Influential Research

Achieve national and international recognition for Patton College research and scholarship such that by 2029 the College is ranked among the top 50 graduate colleges of education by credible institutions using credible metrics (e.g., USNWR).

Strategic Goal 8: 

Attain and maintain national and international recognition for the quality of research being generated by faculty and students in The Patton College.

Strategic Goal 9:

Become a national leader by engaging in and promoting evidence-based practice in the area of research and evaluation.

Strategic Goal 10:

Generate research that is directly connected to community-based analysis and outcomes, which will serve to inform and influence public policy at the local, state, and federal levels.

Strategic Goal 11:

Enhance productivity in acquiring grants and other external funding that result in scholarly production and collaborative partnerships with a goal of reaching a minimum of $3M by 2029.

III. Exemplary Student-Centered Services

Raise the national and international profile of The Patton College through exceptional recruitment strategies, retention practices, and professional advising and career-placement services.

Strategic Goal 12:

Transform the culture of student services to extend beyond the Office of Student Affairs by creating an inclusive environment for students that involves all College faculty, staff, and alumni.

Strategic Goal 13:

Consistently increase student enrollments through innovative recruitment practices.

Strategic Goal 14:

Positively impact student performance, retention rates, and completion through the development and implementation of targeted new programs and pedagogical practices.

Strategic Goal 15:

Increase the recruitment and completion of graduate students.

Strategic Goal 16:

Become a leader in student persistence, graduation rates, and career outcomes as measured against state and national benchmarks.

Strategic Goal 17:

Provide key student metrics (e.g., retention, student satisfaction, course-completion percentages, graduation rates) to faculty, staff, and administrators to enable curriculum and programmatic changes that are immediately responsive to current needs.

IV. Vibrant Outreach, Engagement, and Partnerships

Create a measurable, positive impact on the local and regional area by increasing the sustainability of community partnerships; providing opportunities for service learning and community-engaged research centered on interdisciplinary, collaborative activities among Patton College faculty, students, community organizations, and individuals.

Strategic Goal 18:

Develop and sustain community partnerships that address poverty and other regional issues using an assets-based approach.

Strategic Goal 19:

Feature the outreach, engagement, and partnerships of The Patton College locally, regionally, nationally, and globally so that the local region is more prominently and frequently recognized.

Strategic Goal 20:

Attain a global image for The Patton College through the development and publicity of international partnerships and cross-cultural learning opportunities with which our faculty, staff, students, and alumni engage.

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