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Recreation, Sport Pedagogy, and Consumer Sciences

If you love learning and want to make a difference, you’ve come to the right place! We prepare you to be forever ready—ready to lead, challenge, grow, and answer your calling. And we go beyond the classroom to deliver the best preparation and education for our students.

We have a national reputation for providing individualized experiences through hands-on experiential learning opportunities. Whether you wish to be teaching all day at a local school, coaching sports, traveling to Europe to meet with fashion experts, kayaking along Cape Lookout National Seashore during a summer leadership course, or meeting with Hyatt executives or chefs, we have many opportunities for you to work in your profession before graduation.


Alumni Spotlight: Stephanie Savino

Flannery Jewell

For alumna Stephanie Savino, soccer isn’t just a sport—it’s her life. As she balances being director of Consumer Products at Major League Soccer with being a women’s soccer coach in New York City, the former Division I athlete is also pursuing her U.S. Soccer Coaching “B” License.

Student Spotlight: Ashlyn Ohm & Lacy Burke

Jordan Schmitt

Two seniors minoring in coaching education used their personal experiences as women in sports to collaborate on a class project to help current and future coaches. In COED 4305 Contemporary Issues in Coaching, Lacy Burke and Ashlyn Ohm were inspired to create a professional webinar to address how women are perceived in the athletic industry and how to empower women through sport.