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Undergraduate Honors Programs

Connavino Honor Program

Student presenting Honors Program Research

The purpose of the Connavino Honors Program is to provide a learning community for talented students who intend to pursue a major in teacher education. Students in the Honors Program will complete rigorous inquiry-based courses, which will both supplement and augment their regular requirements. Honors students will also participate in a collaborative research project that addresses a significant pedagogical issue. Continued involvement in the Honors Program will enable students to develop products (i.e., conference presentations and manuscripts) through collaboration with faculty and other honors students. In addition, honors students will engage in multicultural field experiences such as those made available through The Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education's Rural-Urban Collaborative. The Honors Program will also provide students with opportunities for leadership, professional development, intensive classroom experience in Professional Development Schools, and a close rapport with a core group of faculty.

Connavino Honors Application

MacKenzie King Honors Program

Student presenting Honor Program Research

The MacKenzie King Honors program provides opportunities for involvement in scholarly independent work, one-on-one interaction with faculty, and an in-depth study related to your major. There are four required courses in the MacKenzie King Honors program, plus a research methods course. Students apply for the program in their sophomore or junior year. Throughout the MacKenzie King Honors Program, junior or senior-level students work under the guidance of Honors Faculty Advisors to plan and complete scholarly projects. Students complete a course sequence (Seminar, Practicum, Readings, and Thesis) during which a project is designed, executed, reported in writing, and presented to the students’ honors advisory committee and others. Projects may be research, development of educational materials, in-depth senior term papers, or original designs. Completion of this program provides excellent preparation for graduate school and enhances career opportunities in industry and community agencies. Those students who successfully complete their honors projects receive special designations on their diplomas. The title of the honors project is listed in the Ohio University commencement program.

Application: Applicants should submit the Honors Program application along with the required essay(s) and letter of recommendation. Candidates may also be asked to participate in an on-campus interview. 

MacKenzie King Application

What Students Are Saying

"I believe the best way to start improving our education system is to recruit smart, driven, and qualified teachers for the classroom. Creating an Honors Program and providing extended research opportunities will help attract the type of students needed to affect change in our schools." - Michelle Connavino

"Being a part of the Honors Program learning community has helped me build relationships that will last a lifetime. Because I have the same students in most of my classes, I can call them up or meet them outside of class. A few of the girls are actually from near my hometown, so sometimes we even ride home together. - Rachel Ackerman

"I have had many experiences in the Honors Program already. I was able to attend the Rural / Urban Collaborative Institute and I¹ve already begun a research project for the program. I have had the opportunity to participate in the Student on the Street Research Survey and meet with the deans on a closer basis. I also get along great with my classmates in the learning community. We study together, which really helps me out. I have made a lot of friends, and I look forward to future activities that will help build an even stronger relationship." - Jennifer Ference

For more information, contact:

Danielle Dani
Director of Honors Programs
309EE Patton Hall