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Patton College Mission and Vision

Patton College of Education Tree Sculpture

Our Mission

We prepare leader-educators, practitioners, and human service professionals who share our commitment to lifelong learning and serving society responsibly as change agents in meeting diverse human and social needs. 

Our Four Academic Priorities

  • Academic Excellence
  • Rigorous, Influential Research
  • Exemplary Student-Centered Services
  • Vibrant Outreach, Engagement, and Partnerships

Our Core Values

The Gladys W. and David H. Patton College of Education strives to be an equitable effective, and interactive learning community that makes a difference to education and human development through excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service. 

The Patton College of Education fosters faculty and graduates who are CALLED to Lead:

  • Change Agents
  • Lifelong Learners 
  • Embracing Diversity
  • LEADership

The Patton College: Where Learning Has No Limits!

Patton College garden flag at the North Pole with grad student, Nina Adanin.
Grad student, Nina Adanin, with the Patton College of Education garden flag at the North Pole.







PCOE Commitment to Diversity

The Patton College community fosters a sense of respect and inclusion. Through educational experiences and the climate in our college, we promote increased awareness, acceptance, knowledge, and understanding of all facets of human diversity. We are committed to the recruitment, retention, and success of students, staff, and faculty who are representative of our increasingly diverse global community. Our goal is to prepare leader-educators, practitioners, and human service professionals to serve society responsibly as change agents in meeting diverse human and social needs.

Ohio University Office of Diversity and Inclusion

PCOE Definition of Diversity

Diversity is a core value of The Patton College of Education. We align with the mission of the Ohio University Office of Diversity and Inclusion to create a "supportive and affirming environment that welcomes and respects all persons specifically those individuals and groups who have historically [and currently] been excluded, not represented, and/or rendered voiceless in society." Diversity signifies difference and heterogeneity between and among individuals, groups, and cultures. Specifically, diversity is inclusive of, but not limited to, all ages, races, ethnic groups, genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, national origins, cultures, socioeconomic classes, abilities, ways of thinking, geographic regions, religions, and veteran status.

It is The Patton College‚Äôs goal that every person in our community - students, staff, faculty, and administrators - experiences a sense of well-being and flourishes. Being our best selves means that we prioritize our physical, social, emotional, and mental health, while creating a sense of safety and belonging for all. We therefore are committed to offering in-person and virtual programming and partnering with university and external resources to promote well-being.