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Faculty and staff

Director, School of Media Arts & Studies Associate Professor
Schoonover Center 316
Associate Professor
Schoonover Center 313
Associate Professor
Schoonover Center 335
Administrative Coordinator
Adjunct Instructor, Music and Production Industries
Associate Professor, Director, Semester-in-LA Program
Schoonover Center 310
Associate Professor, Retired Director of Studies, Public Media Masters
Adjunct Instructor
Adjunct Podcasting Instructor
Adjunct Instructor
Schoonover Center 302
Yamada International House 215
Associate Professor, Director, Social Media Analytics Research Team (SMART) Lab
Schoonover Center 307
Professor, Director, Screenwriting & Documentary Storytelling Programs in Ireland and Spain
Schoonover Center 331
Professor, Retired
Associate Professor, Retired
Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, Research, and Creative Activity, Faculty Adviser, ACRN (All-Campus Radio Network) Media
Schoonover Center 100
Associate Professor and Graduate Director
Schoonover Center 303
Associate Professor, Associate Dean, Honors Tutorial College
Schoonover Center 339
Professor of Instruction, School of Media Arts & Studies, Director, Communication and Development Studies Center for International Studies
Schoonover Center 305
Associate Professor, Associate Director, School of Media Arts & Studies
Schoonover Center 326
Assistant Professor
Schoonover Center 312
Associate Professor, Retired
Adjunct Instructor
Professor, Coordinator, Social Media Certificate, Founder, High School Media Workshop
Schoonover Center 322
Adjunct Instructor
Assistant Professor
Schoonover Center 311
Schoonover Center 330
Associate Professor
Schoonover Center 301