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Media Arts & Studies Undergraduate Programs

Why Study in the School of Media Arts & Studies?

The School of Media Arts & Studies prepares well-rounded, proactive individuals to think critically, act creatively and practice ethically in a global media society. Students have exceptional opportunities to focus in an area of specific interest while also taking advantage of a broad-based, liberal arts curriculum that enhances long-term success. The school also provides several media-related student organizations and we strongly encourage participation in internships. These opportunities lead to important connections that foster career advancement.

With over 650 undergraduates and more than 20 faculty, the School of Media Arts & Studies is proud of its reputation throughout the world. Our top-notch students become graduates that make a real difference in the media industries. As an integral part of the Scripps College of Communication Center of Excellence, there is strong demand to join our program. Because of this demand, the School of Media Arts & Studies has entry requirements above the university’s requirements.

Admission Requirements

Learn more about freshman admission requirements on the Undergraduate Admissions site. Students who wish to transfer into the school should refer to the Transfer Policy.

Schedule a Visit

Want to plan a visit with the School of Media Arts and Studies? Contact Andie Walla, our outreach coordinator. Visits are typically scheduled for the second and fourth Fridays between 1-4 p.m. and take about an hour. Visitors are also encouraged to schedule a campus-wide tour with Undergraduate Admissions.

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Two students work at a computer while another tests out VR equipment.

Undergraduate Majors

The School of Media Arts & Studies offers four majors from which students may choose.

  • Music Production and Recording Industry

    As part of the Music Production and Recording Industry major, students learn the ins and outs of modern technologies and production techniques, business strategies for selling and marketing music, and the complexities of music publishing and licensing.

  • Media Arts Production

    Media Arts Production majors learn video and audio production, media writing, producing, editing and so much more. 

  • Animation

    Students in the Animation major can choose between the animation core or gaming core course sets to learn the fundamentals behind animating objects, designing characters and utilizing modern technology to craft compelling worlds and sequences.

  • Media and Social Change

    Students in the Media and Social Change major develop and use creative skills in non-fiction production to explore topics such as documentary production, media research and cultural criticism.

  • Honors Tutorial Degree

    The HTC program in Media Arts & Studies offers an individualized course of study for the exceptionally-qualified student interested in media industries.

  • Have Questions or Want More Information?

    If you have questions about the School of Media Arts & Studies or any of the programs, please email