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Experience in the studios prepares you for success across the media industry. The aesthetic and technical principles of our equipment carry over to the studio setups you’ll find across the professional world. We teach classes in these spaces and students use them to complete projects starting their first year on campus. Whether you come to college with a lot of production experience or none at all, our hands-on, supportive approach is designed to ensure that you’re fully prepared to be a confident, experienced pro when you graduate. (What we’re saying is: don’t let all the buttons and knobs intimidate you. You’ll know what each one of them does by the time you get out of here.)


    Audio Facilities

    Students have access to a host of state of the art audio facilities, which include:


    • Sound recording studio
    • Mixing and mastering studio
    • Post production sound studio
    • Podcasting studio

    Video Facilities

    Video facilities with professional equipment are available for students to use:


    • Equipment Room
    • Bob Lyon Studio


    More coming soon!


    Electronics Lab

    The MDIA Electronics Lab serves as the center for electronics, equipment repair, and studio maintenance. Students gain hands-on experience in how to build, fix and maintain equipment associated with music technology and audio recording.


    Remote Production Center

    The Remote Production Center provides students with access to production laptops, MIDI keyboards, high-end interfaces, preamps, microphones and a plethora of gear to use in recording music and audio projects in locations off campus.

Other Facilities

We also have a computer lab and graduate facilities available for our students to use! You'll have 24/7 access to two computer labs that include the latest versions of media software:

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • and more!

Graduate students have 24/7 access to a private computer lab and community lounge area where they can meet, work, and take a break from their busy schedules.